Benzo Buddies: “Is my doctor insane?” (this is a psychiatric patient wondering if his/her doctor is insane)

Is my doctor insane?
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I don’t live in a western country currently, and I went to change my valium from 5mg to 2mg as I’m nearing the end of my taper. After talking with my doc, he told me benzos don’t cause withdrawal. He suggested maybe I’m just hallucinating. I said, “yep, from the withdrawal”. He agreed it’s best I stop taking this medication, but insisted til the end that benzos cannot cause anxiety interdose, and that withdrawal does not occur during cessation. Hahaha just tell me he’s nuts and not me, please.


weird things please comment
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I noticed lately im making myself make weird noises with my throat and keep having to like lick my lips moving my mouth over and over i keep having to do it i dont know why, do you know what this is?

Benzo class action suit will never go anywhere

Re: Benzo Class Action Lawsuit via Facebook Group
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I suppose that this went nowhere?