Amma dolls, pet rats and drugs – lots of drugs

Fancy rat

What’s not to love?

“Hey C, I don’t really appreciate you letting Mike the netopath post pathological lying about me on your blog. I would have thought you would not support that sort of stuff.  I have lived in a couple of houses the last couple of years that had rats, they are all over the place in these parts. The first house, I caught over twenty of them in ‘have a heart’ traps and let them loose outside down by the creek, because Idon’t like them in the house, I never had any pet rats personally. I don’t particularly not like them either, but don’t like them in a house. for one thing, they die in the walls and stink the place up. That is my ‘history’ with rats,  the real truth that I put on my blog ages ago,  without Mike’s filthy and pathological lying.

“I don’t ‘hug dolls’either. The Indian saint, Ammachi, hugs people as a form of spiritual blessing and I have had that several times. I talked about how the ashram produces little Ammachi dolls that the little girl kids like a lot and I bought one for fun and put it on my mantle. I can’t ever remember hugging it though. So this stuff from your local nasty netopath is all total bull, like most of the lies that come out of him, mostly lies, including non stop lies about himself.

“He is always hitting on the pretty young women who start posting here too,  personally I never stoop to that.  So you have fun conversing with your pet netopath. Flick

“By the way, I don’t particularly love rats and would love not to ever have any infesting my house where I live. There are still some hanging in the basement and I allowed my friend to put some traps down there. I will get cats to deal with it in the fall. Ridiculous to even have to talk about it, but the troll keeps bashing away with nonsense and lies. Flick”