“Everything I researched was contaminated in some way”

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I used to bombard my system with Flax oil, but learned later that for the body to convert the EPA’s into DHA’s takes an enormous amount of cellular energy with only a negligible amount of DHA resulting. Since I get plenty of EPA’s from my diet anyway, I started focusing more on a direct source of DHA’s.
It whittled down to the only sources I could find was fresh salmon, mackerel, trout, herring, tuna and sardines…which are very hard to find. Most fishes in our markets are farm raised. I won’t touch them.

People see these wonderful filets of fish laid out on ice at market, and think they are looking at a mecca of health. In actuality, we are looking at fish that have become polluted with PCB’s, excrement, antibiotics and other toxins.

I hate eating anything out of a can, BUT…it’s easier to find wild fish that way.
I’ve been eating salmon and sardines daily for about 6 mos. now. I also eat 3 organic eggs every morning.
Protein supplements are problematic for me = ANXIETY. When I couldn’t eat well, I made my own protein shakes, adding ground hemp for the complete amino acid profile.

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