I have a feeling this post will draw some fire, so that’s fine with me. Let me start by saying that I have researched the subject matter extensively, consulting MDs, pharmacists and the good ole Internet.

In the UK a doctor named Heather Ashton is worshiped as a saviour for benzo addicted people and insists that the only way to come off ANY benzo is to switch to the equivalent dose of Valium. This is problematic in a number of ways.

  1. She states 1mg Xanax =20mg Valium accepted in UK only as conversion
  2. Virtually ALL US and Canadian medical professionals estimate the equivalency to be between 5-10 mg of Valium per 1mg Xanax
  3. Xanax is a 1,4 triazalo benzo targeting completely different receptor sites than Valium
  4. Many unfortunate individuals attempting this have wound up with a dual dependency because of this fact

On the subject of the UK and it’s benzo forums, I have been there and in my opinion most of the people making posts, including the administrators, suffer from some sort of untreated mental illness ranging from OCD to schizophrenia/ paranoid schizophrenia.

It is blatantly obvious by their religiosity regarding anti-benzo thinking, much as the Scientology group condemns the field of psychiatry. Lay persons should NOT give holier than thou medical advice to those who have become dependent on ANY drug. A competent MD should ALWAYS be the first line of action in treating a medical condition. Support is one thing…self prescribing is another. Prescribing is for licensed physicians only.

As far as DEA Schedule 2 narcotics drug abuse is concerned, they are reserved for the most serious medical conditions and certainly NOT for recreational use. Around here we have a heroin Drug abuse epidemic with MANY addicts being found dead with the needle still in their arm due to the purity and high added dose of crystalline fentanyl added to the mixture. This is absolutely Russian Roulette, and I would strongly advise anyone buying street narcotics get into rehab ASAP before they die. IMO.

And for those who religiously claim that benzos are evil and brain damaging, for the record I developed 3 clean energy patents in the past 3 years while taking these “evil” drugs and earned close to $2 million as a result. So much for the debilitating effects of benzos. One final note: Years ago I was legally prescribed Valium 10mg 4 x a day and kicked it after 5 years. The night terrors were absolutely horrific. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. BTW am doing fine with my direct taper off Xanax. OK, bring it on ON!