Fred weighs in on the horror that is Benzo Buddies

May 21, 2015

Benzo Buddies is full of drama queens and the stupid staff there don’t do anything about it. I’m healed and back at work. I was on Ativan for only a short while, like almost 3 months. I healed just at 1 year out. I am a cold turkey survivor. I sometimes think that benzo buddies is either operated by some people that make fake accounts on bb and leave comments to threads to purposely make you feel worse than you’re or they don’t give a damn about people who do. I’ve complained about people that started crap because they were making everyone else freak out. You are supposed to make people in w/d feel comfortable if you’re running a site for benzo withdrawal sufferers like that. The I think a lot of those people are healed and don’t want to get up off their asses and become a part of everyday society again, because they just are so used to be sick and feeling sorry for themselves. There was one guy who said he took a benzo for only a months and has been in a very bad withdrawal for 17 months. He slammed a post of mine. But there is no possible way he is suffering a withdrawal that long even if it was a cold turkey one. It’s just not possible. He also slammed me because I said it seems short term users generally heal at about the 1 year mark. He said I wasn’t telling the truth. The page is full of people that just need to go and die somewhere and I give a rats ass what anyone thinks about me saying this. Guy’s like the one I mentioned most likely has other factors involved besides withdrawal, but that’s the problem is they never bring up those factors, like if they were on other meds, doing street drugs or what ever the case may be. They only say they’re like 2 years out and not healed but never mention if they even feel better or not. There is no possible way they’ll feel the same way they felt when they were under a year off, I can guarantee that. Not for people who were short time users. They’re lying!