French Connection: Gene Hackman’s wife started Prettydaisys on benzos?

i started benzo’s when i was only 15 years old. my family was really good friends with the actor Gene Hackman and we would spend every weekend and all Holidays with his family. my mother becamse best friends with Faye Hackman and Faye introduced valium to my mother.
my mother had some 5 mg valium little yelllow pills in her bathroom and one day i went in there and saw them and decided to try some. i didn’t just take one pill of 5mg valium. i took 4 pills so i ended up taking 20mg valium and i never felt better or more like i could be intimate with other’s.
i just felt good. so later on, i started seeing my mother’s Gynocologist and he started to give me some valium. i can’t remember if i asked for it or just said i had anxiety. but that is how it started. and then i would get prescriptions for him, my old pediatrician and dentist periodically. and that’s how it started for me.
i had also took quite a few Quaalaudes and fell in love with those. then they turned into ‘bunk’ Quaaludes and jsut weren’t the same — so that’s when i really started taking the benzo’s.