Cult maniacs recommend Ecstasy as benzo withdrawal cure

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Well i think that´s is the right section — I really would aprecciate if some of those above clear headed , wise yhat wrote about the “pharmacology”of many things that happens in the brain could Chime´in

So , i remember when i was on a heavy dose of clonazepam , at that time i was already hooked to it, In case of Running out of Pills
i would feel very , very bad
I was out with friends always at that time , thats not the poit — The point is I remember that When i took an ectasy on that time , like – wake up – take the benzos , soon later drop the ecstasy , i would feel fine all day long , I would sleep at night , and on the next day i would feel fine , great , and not needing any benzo , times that lasted 2 days without needing it , My question is why ´s that ? Why i didnt needed to take the benzos on those 2 days , after i took the extasy ? if i was already real hooked to them ?

This happend more then once or twice , i break my head trying to figure out , but i cant , may i have some help ?

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Ty , vallley . I wonder why a drug is not developed from it . SMDH

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The US is actually doing trials on MDMA and ketamine for treatment of different issues. Both are good for benzo withdrawal when used in moderation.

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Maybe is time to get some pills 

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Quote from: [Buddie] on February 28, 2016, 02:01:02 am
Maybe is time to get some pills

I had an RFA on my thoracic area a couple of weeks ago and was given ketamine. It was amazing how much it relieved sxs. I wouldn’t recommend using it much though due to addiction potential. I would think MDMA to be a little safer. I wish there was a clear cut way to mitigate withdrawal.

Benzo Buddies addiction and cyberchondria are dangerous to your health: “I’ve lost my youth because of Google”

The pitfalls of the internet, and the vast information available.
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Members old and new remember that the mind is a powerful thing, and you can create worry and obsession – from viewing the forum every once in a while to every hour of the day. From Googling symptoms and self diagnosis… For example I used zopiclone for 8 years with zero issues until I googled long term use and came to a result about cancer, now it’s a daily obsession, every pain in my body, ie back pain, is a tumor or something.

Avoid self diagnosis and being given information (informed or misinformed) and only take advice from a doctor. I have a lot of medical knowledge, an AWFUL lot, and I still manage to convince myself I’m ill every day. If you take anything from the groups or websites make sure it’s ONLY support and friendship, DO NOT allow yourself to believe you may also have a symptom another member is having or something you’ve Googled.

Because your body is 100% individual to you, as is your situation… Don’t do what I did, I spent 10 years in the house without going outside saying “I’m going to die” I’ve lost my youth because of Google.

Don’t lose your future too.

Quote from: [Buddie] on February 07, 2016, 04:02:18 am
I think a lot of people get freaked out by so many horror stories and that this ramps up anxiety and wd sxs.

There have to be more people reading these posts that are doing alright. I am and I had years on a high dose of Xanax.      

Sure if you feel something, and others do too, then obviously you can gain a lot of support from people going through the same thing. But remember that because someone else is going through an issue, don’t allow yourself to assume you will too.

This is especially true for stuff like seizures, I see MANY people who have read online about seizures and are scared to reduce because of it! But before they read this information seizures were the LAST THING on their mind.

Now they won’t taper because of it.

Recently (yesterday), I reinstated a double dose of zopiclone of 15mg because I was told by a NUMBER of members that I was in massive withdrawal from dropping from 15mg to 7.5mg within 3 days, and that I was I quote “going crazy” the damage has been done and I’ve now reinstated at 15mg and have to start ALL OVER AGAIN to reduced.

And I was doing SO WELL.

BUT I’m not going to take 15mg again, screw those members. AND this is my point, they don’t know me, my body, or drugs, or the affects it will have on anybody’s body.

Now ironically, I too have done this, but in the opposite way, trying to rationalise some of the symptoms people feel.

In the same way doctors try and convince me I DON’T have cancer or anything else, and I can’t be convinced. So I guess a lot of members are so tied into their beliefs like I am with my issues that when someone says “Hey it might not be that” that you completely dismiss it.

Which is what I do also.

Anyway, the point is, NEW MEMBERS don’t have that same mindset, but its easily created… and when I joined this forum I was a new member with no issues… Then members educated me on what I should be feeling –

If you’re a member reading this, just remember to use this place for support and friendships. Not for diagnosis, and don’t tell other members that they should be in withdrawal or interdose withdrawal or that they “CAN EXPECT THIS” (YES I’VE SEEN THAT)

“I’m tapering _____” “You can expect to feel anxiety, not sleeping” etc etc

I was so shocked when I seen this, it was a while ago, and then the member lost her shit and was clearly upset.

Most people are here because they can’t sleep at night, then we all need to sleep well knowing we support members and don’t impression vulnerable people
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Benzo Buddies anti-psychiatry freaks see doctors as inhuman monsters to be avoided

Re: MiA comment re BB
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I stay away from all doctors, occasionally I have to see a urologist for UTI. Doctors, did me more harm than good. They were convinced my pain was due to my gallbladder, and removed my gallbladder and my gallbladder was healthy. Then they diagnosed me with Obstructed Defecation Syndrome, because I lost the sensation to sense a bowel movement, they recommended surgery. I then discovered BB and realized all my weird sxs were due to z-drug WD.

During tolerance WD, my out of pocket medical expenses were $62,000. So I saw a total of 14 specialists during my 3 years of being on ambien and NOT one was aware of adverse affects of ambien nor tolerance WD. I was prescribed 20 different drugs (xanax, cipro, elavil, etc) I read my medical records, they wrote me up like a “nut” case.

You want to trust your health and body to your doctor, go ahead. I’ll pass.

Drug-seeking addict seeks cult’s help in finding new doc to supply pills

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Anybody else struggling to get their doctor to believe them about their protracted benzo withdrawal? When I see my dr. he asks me how I’m doing but then gets irate when I tell him the truth. He insists that benzo withdrawals only last 7-14 days ( it’s been 5 months for me so far). He’s accused me of pill seeking even though I’ve never asked for medications, and has even told me “you’re better than this”. I’m so frustrated. How do you go about finding a Dr. with experience treating benzo withdrawal? I’m not looking for meds, just someone who acknowledges that I feel the way I feel.

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WOW. Just wow. What’s wrong with your doctor? Arrogance? Ignorance? Lack of empathy for his suffering patients? I could go on. Is this the same doctor who gave you the benzos to start with and got you into this mess? Wasn’t HE better than that? I’m sorry you are dealing with such a doctor Katz. When I hear about doctors treating those of us struggling with benzo withdrawal in such an ignorant and callous manner, it makes my blood boil. IMO its time to find another doctor.


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Yes, he’s the same Dr. that prescribed them to me 8 years ago.

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HE IS AN IDIOT ! That is what is wrong with him !! You are 5 trillion times better than him. Don’t pay any attention. My dr. pretty much said same thing to me. Thank God we know better now. I would never go to him again.

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‘Withdrawal’ means removal of the drug, so he’s seeing this as having been accomplished already. You’re left with the process of recovering from the temporary damage the benzo has done…the healing or recovery process, which is very symptomatic for those of us who find ourselves here searching for answers. Docs get caught up in semantics and lack of information on the length of time it takes for the GABA receptors to heal. And that’s how they let us down as patients, by not validating this.

Benzo-wise doctors are few and far between, most of us must go this on our own. It’s a shame that most of our doctors aren’t better educated about what benzodiazepines can do over time.

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I had read somewhere that it was called “PAWS”, for Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome. Which most if not all Drs. who prescribe these meds have no real knowledge of the harm these meds cause. I too searched for some Dr. to help me and only got frustration from the ones I turned to. I tried Drs. and drug clinics and didn’t find much support. I just wanted someone to “listen” and be compassionate and encouraging and the only place that I have found the support I needed was here at BB. Sharing back and forth really helps, keep doin it. Keep reaching out. Thanks to everyone who has helped me.

Brainwashed buddies begin to realize with millions on benzos, and less than 1% having issues with them, they’re a tiny minority i.e. a cult

Are we really a small minority, or is benzo w/d underreported and misdiagnosed?
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With as many millions of people that go on Benzo’s, It seems like this board doesn’t have a ton of people on it compared to what I would expect to see.

Are what people on this board going through really as small of a sample size as it seems or are there countless others out there struggling silently or even worse, put on different pharmaceuticals to mask the symptoms or are misdiagnosed and put on something they don’t even have to be on.

Even online Google searches don’t seem to show as much as I would expect. So did we just draw the short straw in the gene pool?

Two years off drugs and hypochondria fire rages out of control

Bodily Checking & Panic
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Hello, benzobuddies. Thank you for your postings and help while I’ve been in withdrawal.

I am 22.5 months off of Xanax and Klonopin with a month of reinstatement.

I am much better than I was a year ago, but my worst symptom is still devastating me.

I unconsciously check for physical symptoms such as bumps or vague pains, find one, catastrophize, and go in extremely severe panic. I know that I’m okay, but my mind will not shut off telling me that I’m not. I live with the constant fear of getting and having cancer.
Do any of you have these symptoms and have any strategies for coping with them.


Amazing real photo of hair loss due to benzo withdrawal (adults only please)

Benzo Buddies member asks cult to brainwash parents

I need someone to talk to my parents about benzo wd..
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Idk if its a good idea for maybe a moderator from this site to email my mom, ive been so out of alternatives that i need some help at least on getting my parents back to support me..

My crazy pdoc says i could never have wd from 2 weeks 5 mg ct ativan, even though i had been in protracted wd of klonopin before (i was once on chemical dependency, he should know chemical dependency is for life)

Now he says i have a personality disorder thats hysteria, and that all sxs im feeling (phyisical and mental) are psychological and being made by me. He says only therapy can treat me.

I needed someone with age, with good sources, who could rationally email my father or mother and explain to them that benzo wd exists, that im suffering, and that im not hysterical just bc some doc who got me addicted to benzos says i am when he cant deal with what hes done.

Thank you guys in advance, i really think this might work a lot for me..

Re: I need someone to talk to my parents about benzo wd..
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Sorry you aren’t getting support from your family. Must be very frustrating and saddening. I cannot give much advice other than to show your parents everything on this site— the protracted members talk a lot about thier ongoing symptoms so that would be a good start. Have they ever looked at any of the online resources like the ashton manual? Pick out a few success stored written by bb members who suffered for a long time. I was never a sad or depressed person before benzos. I’ve been off of them for nearly 6 months and they still continue to ruin my life. It’s torment and the public, especially our family members, need to know this! You can also join beating benzos on Facebook if you need additional support. There has been many articles written by survivors that aim to educate families affected by benzo withdrawals.

Re: I need someone to talk to my parents about benzo wd..
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Have your parents read this from an addiction doctor in Toronto. Your Brazilian psych should have his license revoked.

Re: I need someone to talk to my parents about benzo wd..
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You kindled on the atvain ! Because u all ready had prorated withdrawal and then reinstated that’s why u feel worse . Your brain is like an elephants it remembers the bad pathways from before .
I did the same with only 1 week of zopiclone.

Re: I need someone to talk to my parents about benzo wd..
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What does the therapy entail? I would be inclined to go with it so long as I didn’t have to take any drugs. Make that part of the agreement. At some point you might have to stop swimming against the current. Just bide your time in therapy.

Put the ball back in their court.

At the same time, unless you have life threatening symptoms, I wouldn’t be badgering your physician too much anymore. If you do what most of us do, you’ll go to the doctor and get tested for an ailment. Then you’ll be told the test come back fine. Sometimes they may say, hey you should take xyz medication for this symptom. A classic example of this is beta blockers for tachycardia that some of us get. That might be in your best interest to follow the physicians advice there.

Just stress that if they think therapy is fine, then a good therapist should be able to do this without psych drugs if the patient doesn’t want drugs.

Re: I need someone to talk to my parents about benzo wd..
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I know you are desperate for some help […], but draw upon your own reserves and take the advice of those who posted. We wish for everyone to remain anonymous here on the forum and not share person information such as email addresses.

Try to get your parents to read, there is so much they can learn just by reading.


Always there, always watching

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