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Re: Has anyone had the opportunity to meet someone else who went through this ?
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I’ve made a number of friends from BB and talked to some on the phone, but have not yet met anyone in person. On my blog I sent an open invitation to my 60th birthday party in October (and hopefully a benzo free celebration too). I am hoping some BB members can make it and we can meet up in person that way.

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Needs helper to drive car six months off happy pills?

To afraid to go outside! 6 months look just fine!! NOT
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Well, 6 months out, nobody believes that I am in horrible withdrawal, and have transisitioned from ‘cant go outside’ to ‘well maybe I can go outside…’ hey you look fine!… WTF is wrong with you? You are an AHOLE!! You are faking it!!

What do you all think? Have you had these problems? and nobody believes you, hey, you look to normal to be sick – whats wrong with you? You’re not sick…

I have been too dizzy to drive, yet I started driving again after 5 months of not driving a month ago – I saw my 90 year old neighbor get into his car, start it up and drive away, I KNOW he cannot see, I KNOW he cannot hear, yet he got in his car and drove?! Im like WTF, If this guy can drive, well I can… so the next day I got into my car and drove – with a helper, and I was successful -!!!

Comments please!!

Cult claims dark chocolate makes benzo withdrawal worse

Dark chocolate
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I am addicted to dark chocolate only thing that brings
Me comfort but is it also a 2 edged sword can it be making my withdrawal worse

Kooky Monday: Self-pitying addiction vs iatrogenic dependence discussion devolves into wild bar brawl-style slugfest of personal insults

Appreciate the article, but not sure why this relentless demonization of big pharma and benzos…..similar trope over current “opiod” hysteria…blaming “opiod addiction” on Big Pharma and “oxycontin, etc. Big Pharma should be celebrated for providing us these ameliorative drugs.

as a “survivor” of many things including forced incarceration and Thorazine at a clip of 1600 mg. daily, should I have the right to flash my credentials any time you disagree with me and demand you apologize?

Whatever…regarding points missed– just trying to respond to a palpable hostile tone you have directed at me

Ambien-eater wakes up in cult after decade long nightmare

All About Me 
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Hi. I’m so glad to have found this site. When I saw my doctor the other day, she said that she wants me off Ambien. I take 5 mg. each night. I’ve been on it for about 8 years at least, possibly 9 or 10. She said that I can take Trazodone instead. So I’ll be reading all around this site for help to make this transition as easy as possible.

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Xanax ruined my life
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Xanax destroyed me. It took my soul and burried it. And it isn’t coming back. I’m like a fucking ghost. I’m dead. But I’m still fucking here for some reason. I can’t believe I’m still alive. This is a dream and one day I’ll wake up and be myself again

My life is the same everyday. Like groundhog day. Nothing ever changes. I wake up numb. I have fucking flashbacks, I feel like I’m not me. Who the fuck am I. Who am I. This is what I ask myself on a daily basis! Who the fuck am I. What the fuck happened. I’m about to drive my car 160 into a fucking semi
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Cult ghouls demand terminally ill be denied medication

Study, Mar./16: Attitudes Toward Use of Benzodiazepines in U.S. Hospices
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The full title of this study is “Attitudes Toward Use of Benzodiazepines among U.S. Hospice Clinicians: Survey and Review of the Literature”.

From the abstract:

“CONCLUSIONS: Benzodiazepines are viewed favorably by most hospice nurses and many hospice physicians for various indications, despite little supportive clinical evidence.”

It seems that for both the living and the dying, benzodiazepines seem to have “little supportive clinical evidence” for their use.

Here’s the link to the abstract: