Benzo Buddies: “I hate doctors!”

I hate benzos!
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Not sure what board this belongs to but just had to rant a little.

I hate benzos!
I hate benzo withdrawal!
I hate doctors who prescribe benzos w/o discussing possible side effects or withdrawal effects!
I hate that the process takes sooooo long!
I hate that I feel like I’m wasting away some of my life!
I wish so hard that I could go back in time and never taken benzos!

Ok that is all.


He would frequently bite his tongue and spit HIV-positive blood into their faces/mouths.

I’m not a psychologist but my friend is. She told me about a patient of hers who was HIV-positive and a paranoid schizophrenic. He thought that the nurses who worked at the hospital he was in were trying to kill him, so he would frequently bite his tongue and spit HIV-positive blood into their faces/mouths. When they had to come into contact with him, they were required to wear full masks and gloves.

Anti-psychiatry ‘movement’ threatens hunt down doctors and put them out of action

Ashton: Recreational abuse of benzodiazepines a growing problem, hundreds of thousands of abusers

“Recreational use of benzodiazepines is a growing problem. A large proportion (30-90%) of polydrug abusers worldwide also use benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines are used in this context to increase the kick obtained from illicit drugs, particularly opiates, and to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms of other drugs of abuse (opiates, barbiturates, cocaine, amphetamines and alcohol). People who have been given benzodiazepines during alcohol detoxification sometimes become dependent on benzodiazepines and may abuse illicitly obtained benzodiazepines as well as relapsing into alcohol use. Occasionally high doses of benzodiazepines are used alone to obtain a high.” – Prof. Heather Ashton

Rahke’s Ramblings – Memorial Day Edition: How Flick took LSD to get out of going to Vietnam

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Hi anyone out there in benzoland  Good morning Vietnam  You know that movie don’t you?  Well that was my war.

yeah when I was 18 I got my papers from the U.S military to report to the induction center for my draft physical and induction into the army to go to Vietnam to fight.


for heaven’s sake I was a hippie.

and I don’t like the idea of killing people I don’t know or being killed by them either.

I wrote on my forms that i was a member of every evil organization you could be part of including the communist party and even the Black Panthers and i am white.

I stayed up on LSD for 2 days before I went also so they would think I was crazy and flunk me on that score.

the really funny thing is that they did not flunk me on any of that stuff. I had a letter from my doctor that one third of my kidney was gone from a previous gunshot wound and that was all I needed. i did not have to go through all the rigamarole and lies . i was automatically disquaified. I could not have joined the service if I wanted.

the guy in front of me in line was very patriotic and trying to join the marines. They actually flunked him for having very flat feet. He was a big matcho guy and was weeping like a child when they flunked him. i was behind him and jumping for joy and shouting hooray when they flunked me.

i think he wanted to punch me out.

A lot of my friends came back from Vietnam junkies and in a lot of post traumatic stress.

Of course, they did not have to pull my arm to hang out with them and do heroin with them.

that’s how I got hep c.

Former moderator JB: Benzo Buddies disclaimer useless

“Suggestions, opinions and/or advice provided by the author of this post should not be regarded as medical advice; nor should it substitute for professional medical care. Consult your doctor before making any changes to your medication. Please read our Community Policy Documents board for further information. ”

This is the disclaimer at the end of each post, yet when questions like in the below link are asked, and more-cruicially, answered it must, by definitioj, be prescriptive.

Do the admin ever, and I mean ever literally, post anything to challenge the ‘asking’ of questions that invite nothing but prescriptive resposes. Further I wager nobody advises the buddy waits for the medical advice of their doctor. Why would they, after all, on a doctor-bashing cult?

But, why not?

I tried to challenge these threads in the early days of membership there but was attacked by a cchr clique, so I tried again in my early days of moderating there, but was proactively closed-down by the admin team.

Hmm. Pretty sure an intelligent person will see why.

Benzo Buddies brainwashes member into fearing menthol cough drops

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Does anyone know if menthol is ok post withdrawl? Perhaps I’m being overly cautious. I have a cold and want to see if anyone had any problems with cough drops. I have had so many setbacks that I fear things. Thanks