Ashton tapers cause permanent brain damage

Facing the unfortunate fact: for some of us, it's permanent
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Title says it all.

I’ve seen enough two, three, five year even 10 year off posts to know that there seems to be a set of preconditions which disposes some of us to permanent brain damage. Not sure what those are and of course the science isn’t there yet to tease this all apart. It’s an unfortunate truth.

11 months off, complete brain damage feeling in my head. Can’t think complex things anymore.

I’m puzzled just looking at this now?

“Help! Should I take a rescue dose?”

Use of Benzo while withradwing
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Tomorrow I have a meeting with a customer of my company and am of course scared to death.

I know it’s not good, but after dumping all my Valium, I bought a couple of xanax tablets for just in case.

I am really thinking of taking one pill of 0,5 mg only for tomorrow.

Anyone been in the situation in which you have the urge to take a benzo for just the most difficult situation?

Scientologists at Benzo Buddies post years-old discredited Mad in America article to feed doctor-bashing frenzy

10 ways mental health professionals increase misery in suffering people
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Re: 10 ways mental health professionals increase misery in suffering people
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Good article LorazepamFree. I ran into one psychiatrist who incorrectly diagnosed me based on an intake form, even before talking to me, and immediately recommended a high amount of anti-depressants. He said I had to get sicker to get better and called himself “Nurse Ratchet” (like the one in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest movie) and would strictly monitor whether I was taking the drugs. He didn’t care about the fact that I was in tolerance withdrawal from benzos. I was stunned and resisted, so he got mad and stamped his feet and told me to listen to my husband (he was stunned, too). Unbelievable-never saw him again Fortunately, my other counselors have been compassionate and helpful. One of them said that “Nurse Ratchet” shouldn’t be practicing. I hope sites like madinamerica can help bring awareness to patients and providers alike.

Kooks will take anything except the medicine their psychiatrists prescribe them

Is THIS what people mean when they say healing is cyclical ???
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I’ve read on here that healing is non-linear, cyclical, etc. I’m not sure if what I’m experiencing is a lesson in this or not. With reference to the four phases of withdrawal post, I think I have just emerged from acute (I don’t think I need to describe, to this audience, that my acute was hellish…) and have entered phase two?

Basically, I started taking Gingko Biloba, eating ext low carb / no sugar, and I was feeling, after four weeks of non stop constant ALL symptoms and uncontrollable crying, to feeling OKAY — like, I could go to the library and do short bouts of reading, etc. However this morning and last night I was feeling very depressed. This morning, though I’ve been SO good about it, I was too agoraphobic to take my dog for a walk. So, today I am still in sweat pants, unable to move or do anything, but though this sucks and I am depressed what I DON’T have is extreme anxiety or terror, and the “pringling” feeling all over my face has let up a bit. Is this what is meant by symptoms morphing? By some leaving temporarily and others coming back? OR is this just my baseline depression? I’m on Wellbutrin for that. I feel VERY BAD but I don’t feel in total nonstop anxious despair right now––even though three days ago a friend literally had to carry me down the street and hold me as I was rocking while trying to feed me some food, and I almost checked myself into a psych ward! Ha ha. SO, this feels acceptable by comparison, but I am still totally worthless…and I’m also discouraged that the depression and agoraphobia, which had let up, have returned so abruptly.

Anyone have similar experiences? What did it feel like when you left acute? Are the cycles this short? Need support that this is still part of the withdrawal and I’m not just innately wretched.   


Kitty Dukakis sings the praises of ECT, just one session ended her depression just like that

Kitty Dukakis: Electroshock Therapy Has Given Me A New Lease On Life

David Greene talks to Kitty Dukakis and her husband, former Mass. Gov. Michael Dukakis, about their campaign to destigmatize electroshock therapy. She has used it to alleviate severe depression.