Benzo Buddies members prefer 24/7 pity party over healing

Overposting and healing.
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I logon every few months and see the same old people with their same old crap posts. I almost think we have trolls with multiple id’s or maybe some folks don’t want to heal. Maybe some lonely bored trolls. I wish the admins would investigate the IP addresses of the chronic offenders because all the noise gets in the way of real information. This site helped me immensely but I see why it gets a bad rap on the internet. Like most other things, 10 percent ruin it for the other 90….BTW – time causes waves and just because the wind changed directions is no reason to question the wind. As more time goes by you will get less waves and more windows…Get it and don’t forget it. A beer or a burger didn’t cause you to relapse. Jesus Christ help us. This will get taken down but don’t take it lightly. I’ve written this 10 different ways over the past 2 weeks wondering if I should post or not. Ban me, delete it or whatever but I’m not questioning my motives.

BTW – over 2 years out and doing good and only hope to do better. I would not wish this nightmare on anybody.

Accidental addict gets arrested after getting wasted on booze and Xanax

Made a Bad Mistake, Xanax and Alcohol. Now in Legal Trouble Advice Please
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Hi Gang…I havnt posted in a while, I check the site from time to time. I need help/advice and this site has always been a good source of both. I will be brief and to the point….I am currently on 3mgs of Xanax per day. I tried to taper I tapered Librium in 2016, but failed. I have not increased my xanax for over a Year…but I Made a huge mistake of not realizing it had lost aot of its effect as tolerance set in, and so I combined alcohol Twice a week , every week to just escape the stress of Life. Well, I was cited for Physical Control, and have now been put on probation and have a court ordered Substance Abuse Assessment to be arranged within the Week, prior to a Pre-Trial Hearing in May. It has now been a full week since my last escape day using alcohol. I am feeling stressed…scared…cloudy and very little coping skills. I assume sooner or later my GP who writes my scripts will be involved in what has happened. Anyone faced something similiar and have any advice on a taper…hold stead…add an anti depressant…etc. Thank you in advance. I will adjust my Signature Line

Re: Made a Bad Mistake, Xanax and Alcohol. Now in Legal Trouble Advice Please
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Congrats on full week no alcohol, […]. Alcohol and benzo’s do not make good companions, they make things worse.

I’d try and hold steady if I were you. This at least, will keep one positive thing still in place. But really up to you.

I’d also talk to my doctor to at least have noted that you are not coping with “life” at the moment, it might assist your case.

I’m not suggesting that you have alcoholism […], only you can know that, but going to an AA meeting mightn’t be a bad idea either. You will find many people there who will offer you support and advice, and might even trigger you into thinking about your use of alcohol as a coping mechanism.

I no longer drink myself, and it is so much better.

Going to AA will also assist your case, though I hope you take your drinking seriously following this experience.

We can’t escape life with alcohol and other drugs […], and who would want to? Life can be good.

I used to go to AA years ago and it helped. They have a saying in AA which asks that people deal with “life, on life’s terms”. There is no escape in alcohol and other drugs, only further entrapment.

Hope everything works out well for you […]. Put yourself first this time, and think about others, too.


Edit: I come from Australia and do not know what being “cited for Physical Control”, means.
If it entails violence, even greater reason to examine your use of alcohol and other drugs. Many people in gaol today who can’t rememember being violent when under the influence of both.
Be aware.


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Re: Made a Bad Mistake, Xanax and Alcohol. Now in Legal Trouble Advice Please
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Thanks for the reply. Physical Control means you are in a vehicle not driving, not started…but under the Influence. It is a fair law that allows Law enforcement to charge someone who may not be driving at that particulair minute…but you are in the Drivers Seat and therfore responsible for being under the influence. I realized after 20 plus Years of taking Benzos as prescribed that I have reached tolerance long ago. So I began to combine alcohol to escape briefly was has become a tough place in Life. I did this once or twice a Week….thankfully not anymore or I would have another problem with Alcohol withdrawl. One of my Main questions for the Site is what if any Impact will 20 Years of Benzo use have on the Judges decision on a sentence. I am in a place of Leadership in my Community and know that most will not understand the effects of 2 decades of Benzo use has on a person. I realize I am responsible. I should have dealt with this Benzo Dependancy a long time ago. I made some attempts but was unable to break free. Besides Support ….I was looking for insight by anyone on the Board who has brought up Benzo use for a Misdemenor Traffice Violation that is looked upon as pretty much the same as DUI.

Kooks add crazy sweating when laughing to list of 90,000,000 benzo withdrawal symptoms

Here's a new one! Crazy sweating when laughing! Taper Side effect?
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Let’s face it, we’re all hyper aware of every physical symptom throughout this tapering process but my new one? Crazy sweating when I laugh really hard (which isn’t often these days). I never noticed this before as I’m not one to perspire a ton. But lately, it’s kind of freaking me out that after a really hard laugh, I find that I’m sweating like crazy. Any thoughts?

Benzo Buddies claims it isn’t anti-psychiatry yet attacks psychiatry every single day

Psychiatry's Incurable Hubris
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From ice baths to Prozac, each development Harrington describes was touted by its originators and adherents as the next great thing—and not without reason. Some people really did emerge from an insulin coma without their delusions; some people really are roused from profound and disabling depressions by a round of electroconvulsive therapy or by antidepressant drugs. But in every case, the treatment came first, often by accident, and the explanation never came at all. The pathological basis of almost all mental disorders remains as unknown today as it was in 1886—unsurprising, given that the brain turns out to be one of the most complex objects in the universe. Even as psychiatrists prescribe a widening variety of treatments, none of them can say exactly why any of these biological therapies work.

Re: Psychiatry’s Incurable Hubris
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Another interesting article that was linked from the other one-

Re: Psychiatry's Incurable Hubris
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Then there is the idea that an entity as ‘mental illness’ exists. Hard to grasp. Like the flue ?

That some things are not mentally healthy is a different matter.

The pharmaceutical industry has been pumping money in the education of doctors and psychiatrists alike, and with success. My guess is that it will stop at some point. Who will pay for all of that ? The iatrogenic burden will simply become too great.

Re: Psychiatry's Incurable Hubris
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Quote from: [Buddie] on March 21, 2019, 09:01:03 pm
Then there is the idea that an entity as ‘mental illness’ exists. Hard to grasp. Like the flue ?

Mental variations exist. Mental illnesses? Maybe things like schizophrenia could be considered an “illness”, but when the DSM starts categorizing normal masculinity and internet use as “mental illnesses” it’s easy to see how slippery that slope is.

The more illnesses you invent the more office visits you can charge for and the more drugs you can sell. Create the demand by pathologizing normal human behavior. What a great business concept!

Anti-doctor maniacs at Benzo Buddies terrify member into believing her doctor is wrong

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I am not a drinker generally but I used to like a glass of wine years ago. Lately I have thought I would like a taste of wine. Today it was beautiful out and we went to an outdoor cafe. I had a small glass of riesling. I feel like my withdrawal symptoms settled down a bit. Much more relaxed. has anybody experienced this sense of calm with a bit of wine?

Re: Wine
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Ever heard of the term….”liquid benzo”?

Re: Wine
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No I haven’t. The clinical director of my residential program said a few sips of red wine are healthy. I have only had a few sips and would never have more. I like a few tastes but nothing more.

Re: Wine
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Please be really careful when it comes to alcohol. I keep reading on this forum that it can cause major setbacks. You may be OK with small amounts, but in my opinion it’s not worth the risk. Best to avoid alcohol, caffeine and sugar. I personally may not ever drink again! Happy healing to you …

Re: Wine
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I’m at the end of my taper, five more days to jump. I had a small glass of prosseco last Saturday and it gave me tachycardia, I had to take a propranolol, and have felt lousy the last two days.

Re: Wine
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Quote from: [Buddie] on March 18, 2019, 11:57:37 am
No I haven’t. The clinical director of my residential program said a few sips of red wine are healthy. I have only had a few sips and would never have more. I like a few tastes but nothing more.

Well unfortunatelyT. Yes, red wine has some health benefits for those that have not had their CNS fried by psych drugs. Alcohol affects the Gabba receptors similiar to benzodiazepines and it is strongly advised to avoid alcohol until you are well and truly healed. Some say 6 mths and some say 2 years after you have completely healed, not just finished taper but completely healed.

So this is probably why you felt relaxed, like the effects of swallowing a benzo?

Re: Wine
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It sure looks that way for me.
When I was in the middle of my taper a glass of prosseco was fine, but now with the tachycardia I can’t touch alcohol. I want to take 10 milligrams of propranolol only when it is absolutely necessary, I’ve only taken it this once. All this symptoms are very tiresome.

New study links marijuana use to psychosis


Klonopin eater can’t get off the toilet, vows to keep tapering

Anyone struggling with diarrhea during taper?
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Hello. I have been tapering klonopin for a 4 months. I was on 8mg for 23 years. I’m tapering .25mg per 30 days. I can’t get off the toilet. I have lomotil that I have been taking, but it is not helping like it usually does. Has anyone else had this withdrawal symptom?

Re: Anyone struggling with diarrhea during taper?
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Hey, sorry you’re having stomach issues. That is no fun at all. I (like you) was on Klonopin and when I tapered I had bouts of diarrhea (and vomiting) that would come and go. And yep, when I had it nothing would help. I do believe this is all related to w/d. I was on 2mg for 7 years so with you being on 8mg for 23 years I am willing to bet this is all related to w/d. But again, it did pass for me but it took awhile. If it gets really bad that would be something most def worth getting checked out by the DR. I would hate to see you get dehydrated from prolong bouts of it. I wish I could give you some advice on what helped me, but nothing did. I had to just grin and bear it unfortunately. So sorry you are dealing with that, I feel for you

Re: Anyone struggling with diarrhea during taper?
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[…] – Bummer. Diarrhea is a really annoying s/x. I’ve had some IBS problems for years but worse during the taper.

I can say that eating more natural foods – fresh fruits and veggies apparently provided more fiber and helped the problem a whole lot. I also cut out most meat though have small amounts occasionally.

The diet change was due to high sugar levels from diabetes which the doctor said would require insulin if I did not get it under control fast. From my reading a whole food, plant based diet would regulate the sugar. The much improved bathroom issue was just a bonus.

I’m really sorry you are dealing with this and know it can be a serious problem. I hope that will level out for you.

All the best, LA

Another Ashton taper fails

Losing Hope at a Year Off
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I feel like I’m losing all hope of ever feeling normal again in normal situations. I’m basically a year off and my head feels like it could explode, and the depression is still terrible. I used to try stuff like meal changes, a few supplements, taking time off work, more water, more vigorous exercise, naps, and so on, but now it seems I have run out of stuff to try but other RX drugs. I feel like I’ve run out of people in real life to talk to about this, yet it seems I need to be talking about it constantly just to feel any semblance of normality. Where can I go from here at a year off? What can I do?