New Benzo Buddies suicide threat

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I can’t go on anymore. My will to fight is gone. Deep down I know some of these symptoms are permanent. I had chronic anxiety even before benzos. I can’t distract from my thoughts. They race and race and torment me all day long. Im scared of every thought that comes into my head but there is a magnet preventing me from externalizing. I’m walking around stuck in my head with looping thoughts and earworms. Too many people so many years off and still going through this shit. You have so much strength to be able to endure this for so long. I hope someone finds a cure to this horrible satanic torture. Wishing everyone the best.

“This piece will surely scare others who legitimately need this medicine”

“I’m someone on klonapin for many years. 1 milligram at bedtime. I’ve never changed the dose or suffered any of the things this new episode talks about. At one point during a stressful point in my life I was given Xanax and after being on it a few years off and on I weened myself off. Was it a little uncomfortable? Yes but nothing like you’re showing. All in all my experience has not been bad. This piece will surely scare others who legitimately need this medicine. I always watch your shows and this one seems irresponsible.”

Mother of three begs cult for permission to go to rehab

Going to a 28 day rehab tomorrow-don't hate please
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I know this isn’t necessarily advisable, but tomorrow I am going to a 28 day rehab facility. They will detox me, but not cold turkey me. I’m scared to death to go, but I’m scared to death to not go. I am afraid. Afraid of not feeling better, afraid of never getting back to myself. This morning I was suicidal and just couldn’t get up and go through the day again. Every day I put my full amount of positivity into myself and day and nothing changes. I wake up in the morning with the same sense of dread that hit me around Christmas last year, about two months into taking Ativan. The benzos have caused me to become depressed, which I never was until benzos came into my life. I have been hospitalized twice, and the new psych I got after the hospital, an Addiction Specialist, has really done nothing besides give me a high dose of 80 mg Prozac and put me on Seroquel. She diagnosed me with PMDD, which I’m sure I have, so last week I got out my Mirena and started taking Nikki, which is the generic form of Yaz. I have been a complete wreck since then. I’ve had horrible nausea and what feels like PMS although my period is weeks away. The doctor says it will take a couple of months to work. I have been allowed to taper by 5% starting last week, but there are no plans to move forward with the taper. My doc just keeps saying I’m not ready. I’ve just lost faith. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. I was driving myself back to the hospital this morning and just decided I wasn’t going back there. I’m doing something different. To those who pray, please pray for me, and if you’re just spiritual, please send out some positive vibes that this will go somewhat smoothly. Thanks bbs.

Kook’s healing freaks him out, wants to suffer more

Re: Under .125 Klonopin Club
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Bob7, I’ll be curious to read what you find about salt and sleep.

I’m going to read about taurine again.

Have any of you been switched from the TEVA brand .125 orally dissolving to the PAR Pharmaceuticals brand? This may sound strange, but I’m sleeping TOO well with this change and feel like I have up-dosed. Not good! I’d rather have a harder time and know I am reducing my intake of K. than to do better because I have up-dosed.

10/17: Began taper from 1mg Klonopin, 100 mg gabapentin
5/19: Tapered too quickly near end to .062 Klonopin, stopped Gabapentin
6/19: Up-dosed to .125 Klonopin, 200 gabapentin, given 50 mg Seroquel
8/19: Stopped Seroquel
9/19: .125 klonopin, 125 mg Gabapentin
9/30/19:.125 Klonopin, 100 mg Gabapentin