I’m afraid to eat or drink anything… Happy Thanksgiving?

Afraid to eat or drink anything
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I feel so defeated anything and everything I try to eat I feel like I itch He says drag on and I. So slow. It feel like the twilight zone I don’t feel real. I’ve been living off chick fila and been on leave from work. Is it Crazy to think I can heal with all this sitting heavy on me

Woman’s vagina goes numb after Ativan cold turkey, husband very worried

Private area
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I was CT off Ativan for 6 week use. I knew nothing of the meds. It was in August and I have so many symptoms I don’t know how I’m surviving. My private area feels numb it started after I stopped the meds had anyone had this happen and does it ever fix. My husband is very worried and I am afraid we will never have what we once did

Re: Private area
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Hi Mrt, Your sig says that you are still taking .25. But you C/T’d, right?
Anywhere you have nerve endings, one can experience numbness/tingling or pain. It’s hard but I could cope better with this compared to the burning painful nerve sensations. It’s not permanent. You are getting hit hard with sxs right now. Sounds like acute and it is miserable and terrifying. The good new is that is slowly improves. For some, it can improve rather quickly.
Hang in there Mrt.

Re: Private area
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I have numbness and electrical shock sensations in vagina area.

I have lost all internal sensation and who,e body feels like made of waxy latex.

End Psychiatry leader deplatformed from Facebook, homeless, counting his days

Marijuana causes psychosis

Begging for help
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I feel like I can’t do this anymore. For the last 3 months I have been in a horrendous wave after trying marijuana and magnesium to help with the relentless OCD and insomnia and it completely backfired. Im in so much physical pain and mental torture right now. I can’t even do any basic hygiene without obsessing and get stuck in some crazy repetitive loop. I can’t shave, brush my teeth, blow my nose without getting obsessed and not stoping and causing harm to myself. My mouth is so swollen from brushing so hard and long I make my mouth bleed. Same with shaving. It takes me over an hour to shower. It has caused so much fear I just don’t even want to clean myself up anymore because I’m scared of the OCD and hurting myself. I think about it all day. I can’t watch tv without constantly rewinding it cause I don’t know what is going on. Same with reading. I can’t see, hear or touch anything without becoming obsessed and starting a repetitive loop. Like a broken record. The anxiety is so bad I can’t sit still and it only worsens 10 fold at night until about 7 in the morning. Im making everyone in my house miserable. My poor husband stays up with me all night because he is scared to leave me alone in this state. But he is exhausted and is having such a hard time trying to work and take care of the kids. I can’t even function now when months ago I was so much better. To be alive is torture for me and I just don’t know what to do anymore. Im becoming severely depressed because of this and the misery I’m causing for my husband. I do not know how to cope with this. I try self talk, my husband tries to help but nothing works, it seems to just make it worse.

Re: Begging for help
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Hello […],

I’m so sorry you are going through such a rough period. It seems like the use of marijuana and perhaps magnesium caused your central nervous system to go into distress. I’m not sure why this would happen, but I do know that the cns is very fragile and it doesn’t take much to upset the apple cart.

What you are going through is difficult, I understand. I really hope you will consider getting some professional help, face to face or on the phone. Thoughts of self harm should be dealt with by those who are trained to deal with them. The stress on you and your husband is high, getting some help can take the pressure off both of you.

If you were better months ago, then you will likely get back to your baseline once again. It may take a while. In the interim it would be good for you and your family to seek some help. We care about you and want you to be safe.

Here are some resources for you:

Suicide and SelfHarm

End Psychiatry leader wants people who are not anti-psychiatry to die

Klonopin helps dystonia patients

Re: What happened to Benzodiazepine Information Coalition?????
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I don’t think patients should be forced off of benzos. I had severe dystonia symptoms from klonopin withdrawal, and would never wish that on anyone. klonopin and benzos are one of the few meds that can treat dystonia. (dystonia is a movement disorder where your body twists and contorts in unnatural ways). Little kids are screaming in pain as their feet bend backwards, and this can go on for several hours at a time, for some it is non-stop. Benzos should ALWAYS be allowed for that reason, and I went through absolute hell from my prescribed klonopin. That being said, as much as I am against klonopin, had I continued with the severe dystonia movements, I would have gone back on. You are literally trapped in bed with your body twisting painfully in strange ways.

There may also be people with anxiety who are stuck in that fight or flight without benzos. Just like pain meds, some people are helped, or are willing to deal with the risks. What I think is most important is making people aware of the risks before they start the medicine. But I would never want to see a person with bad dystonia from accessing benzos. Basically, think of the pain that shoots through your foot when you smash it against something and bend in backwards until it bruised. That is what dystonia can do, but it keeps it bent for hours at a time. I had times where my legs looked like someone beat the crap out of me from how bad the spasms were. For someone who suffers this on a daily basis, benzos should be available.

Suffering Benzo Buddies member regrets being brainwashed into stopping Valium

Re: What happened to Benzodiazepine Information Coalition?????
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I think it is important to say that for some people it is not the right thing to get off of them

I should never have tried to stop diazepam which I was on the same low dose of for 20 years for muscle spasm from spinal injury and surgery.

WD is literally crushing my spine and I am now paradoxical to all meds.

I had no interdose WD or to,ere veg on the diazepam.

I know ppl in dystonia groups who only get relief from Clonazepam some of whom have been on it for 40 years without problems.

Benzodiazepine Information Coalition labeled pharma apologists by Benzo Buddies member

What happened to Benzodiazepine Information Coalition?????
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talk about a complete reversal in messaging

Yes, Benzos Help Some: That Doesn’t Justify Ignoring Patient Safety

Am I just not understanding this? I’m seeing more and more support for staying on benzodiazepines in places that used to be about getting off benzos. I’ve even seen it on this forum where people are saying I want to stay on benzos. Well, if you want to stay on them, why on earth would you be on benzobuddies???? This is one of the few places that recognizes the harm caused by benzos and I don’t think we need pharma apologists. Let’s face it, pharma is more than adequately represented in other places.

Very few people end up here because they were taking drugs illegally. They were prescribed by a medical professional.

Kook relapses after one bite of shrimp

How alcohol affect nerves post benzo taper
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At 3 months off, I got a huge setback from cooking wine, the worst ever episode even worse than acute valium wd.

It felt like i took a huge dose of valium this far off from the 1 bite of a shrimp with cooking wine.

Would love to know how alcohol works to a brain sensitized by benzo wd.

2009-2017–Lexapro, including 4.5 yrs taper
2017-2018 –Multiple reactions to msg, art ificial Sweeteners
Year 2018, started 2.5mg V for back injury induced dystonia, 0.5mg x 5times
11/20–0.6mg, single evening dose only.
Year 2019