Ashton tapers cause psychotic breaks?

Has Tapering ever resulted in severe mental disorders?
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After freaking out during my taper, my doctor strongly recommended (ordered) me to go back up to 1mg and hold till I was ready to start tapering at my own pace. In that time, I’ve had some pretty strange mental effects. Disassociation, not feeling like I was in my body, watching events unfold around me like I’m not really there. Years ago (20+ years ago) I was diagnosed with drug induced psychosis. Since going back to 1mg, my mania has been reduced somewhat, but I find myself suffering from possible delusions and I don’t know if its something that is really happening or if I’m having a psychotic break.

Is this something people have experienced while tapering? Can tapering cause a psychotic break? Or was I already messed up and tapering just compounded my problems and brought some stuff that was just under the surface back again?

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated and before anyone can ask… No, I can’t afford to go to a psychiatrist, I can’t afford therapy, and I’ve been drinking myself into a stupor to try to get out of my head on a regular basis.

I used to do drugs to get away from anxiety and bad thoughts, coming off Klonopin has brought a lot of these old (almost forgotten) demons back and I don’t know if this is normal or if I got some serious underlying problems.

Benzo Buddies member realizes no one at Benzo Buddies EVER recovers

The person who recovered just said he made it, no video no proof!
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Why the lack of successful cases! Only the words of the success story! So many patients around the world don’t have videos of successful recovery! No truth! The person who recovered just said he made it, no video no proof! The worst thing about benzodiazepine withdrawal is that there is no hope of recovery. No truth!

If you’re four years off benzos and get hit with a wave your problem was not benzos, it was Benzo Buddies

52 months out - a wave from hell
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I just got hit by a strong wave and it’s wreaking havoc. The anxiety is bearable but the nerve pain and muscle spasms are horrendous. Therefore sleep is minimal and poor.

At 52 months out I would think I am close to the finish line but it seems otherwise.

Any feedback is much appreciated.

Ps . Today considered making an appointment with a psychiatrist to may be get amitryptalin for the nerve pain but held off. If this wave continues much longer I may have to do just that

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Benzo Buddies: “Is it possible that coconut oil could cause a worsening of symptoms?”

Coconut oil
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Two days ago I ate some coconut oil to help with what I think I have is some candida issues going on from the stress of this withdrawal and I’m in the worst wave I’ve been in, in a long time.

Feel like I’m detoxing badly. So sick. I had the worst anxiety after I took it and went to the bathroom like 4 times that day.

” ??

Benzo Buddies cult dogma leaves addict with nothing to eat

Food sensitivity causes panic
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Hi I posted on here a couple weeks ago, it disappeared. My husband is extremely light and sound sensitive. He was slowly over this year had to eliminate his foods. Started on a clean gluten free diet that went south, then it was bone broth and apples, grapes, then rice with a little meat, then an all veggie diet, thatworked for a bit then it was blueberry smoothies with vegan protein powder, then to just one certain thing that we could find at the time that would miracoulsy help. Raw cold carrots seemed to be the safety net in all this. If the burn and the panic got too bad he could always eat a handful and it would calm it. Anything he tries to eat that is different it could go horrible or really good. Hes had endoscopy and bacterial testings.. normal except for esophageal erosion from all the acid. He has to sleep proped up takes dexilant and nexium. Every now and then pepto, gavisgon pepcid when it “goes bad”. He also says he can tell when the food isnt going to work anymore because it will taste horrible. When he has something new and it works he says its taste awesome..also if he gets “backed up” or his crap comes out more solid he says it’s about to get bad like a panic attack. So he will keep taking Miramax and do enemas like crazy.. please tell me somebody else has experienced any of this. And give me suggestions please. Thank you

Benzo Buddies crosses bread off list of safe foods (it has alcohol in it)

Endogenous ethanol in foods. Bread can have up to 1.4% alcohol in it
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There is trace but significant enough amounts of alcohol in bread (yeast-based), fruits- especially ripe or juices, soy sauce, vinegar, and other foods. Perhaps some of us who are very sensitive should avoid these foods until we heal. A burger roll can have up to 1.4%- that’s like half of a standard cheap pilsner in the U.S. I know that when I drank even a gulp of beer I would feel paraesthesia on my face. Thoughts on any of this?

Benzo Buddies approved Ashton taper forces addict with anger issues to move back in with parents

Separated from My Wife
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My wife and I have agreed that I need to stay at my parent’s for a little while. I want to add in here that I’ve not had any anger outbursts toward my wife and daughter throughout this whole ordeal but I’ve really struggled with an anger on the inside for no reason or else because I have no threshold for stress for the past four months since moving back to my hometown. The bottom line is I can’t lose my job and I can’t seem to handle both parenting and working right now without feeling like I’m on edge all the time and ready to explode. I’m still going to help out as much as humanly possible. I’ve taken the annoying dog to my parent’s house. I’m going to take groceries over when needed. My mother is going to help keep up with the dishes and cleaning.

This is the first day I woke up at my parent’s. The good news is I still feel the same level of anger toward people I’m working with so it’s probably all withdrawal and no stress threshold. Just feel like yelling. Also, I called my wife and daughter on the way over and felt like crying the entire time. I know they are good people and my mind is blocking me from enjoying normal life right now.