Benzo Buddies maniacs want to deny dying people anti-anxiety medication

anti-anxiety medication is palliative care for corona-virus
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Per this article,

This could mean a COVID-19 patient is left with a difficult decision: Would you prefer palliative care or life-support? Palliative care for coronavirus typically involves an oxygen mask, morphine and anti-anxiety medication to ease breathing.

Life support, on the other hand, can include a feeding tube, dialysis, transfusions and mechanical ventilation, a grueling experience that requires heavy sedation.”

All options seems pretty bad. I wonder how one can say no to anti-anxiety medication (which I believe in benzos only)

It sounds like a real medical problem

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Hi Everyone

Day 80 C/T from 15mg of Diazepam.

I need to get this out there it’s the most bothersome symptom at present, The only way to describe this is the right upper abdomen feels swollen under the ribs i was thinking possibly my liver 🙈 freaking out big time because of it, i get aches and pains roundabout where i feel it’s swollen and it radiates sometimes to the side and back, my gas smells awful (sorry) and i also have this tightness around the upper back also, I’ll get the occasional itchiness also n that has me almost in panic attack! Because I can’t tell if it’s inflammation or simply wd and benzo belly!

Explosive diarrhea 5 days ago, then pale stools, now it’s back to normal 🤦

Can someone pls share their experiences and does this sound like WD/benzo belly???

Thank you.

Benzo Buddies kooks have new conspiracy theory to obsess over: 5G

Doctors call for delaying deployment of 5G due to health risks.
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This could be very serious for us.

re: Frank Clegg Former President of Microsoft Canada: “It’s not been made clear to the public that 5G won’t just be another number and a letter on your cell phone. It requires an entirely new infrastructure of thousands of small cellular antennas to be erected throughout the cities where it’s going to be installed.”

What would 5G infrastructure look like? Small cell antennas could be placed as close as every 3rd hydro pole.

Scientists from 42 countries are now warning their governments about the emerging health problems associated with wireless radiation, and Canadian doctors and scientists have added their voices.

Re: Doctors call for delaying deployment of 5G due to health risks.
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Great. I was hoping there would be one more thing to worry about.

Re: Doctors call for delaying deployment of 5G due to health risks.
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Quote from: [Buddie] on April 07, 2020, 12:34:52 am
Great. I was hoping there would be one more thing to worry about.

Sorry, […]. I’m just the messenger. Did you get to see the video above? There are so many indications out there about the dangers this poses that are beyond worrisome. We need to try to figure out ways we can protect against 5G on our own, since they’re rolling & rushing this thing out there as we speak without proper testing. With a compromised CNS, we need all the help we can get.

Stay safe.

Re: Doctors call for delaying deployment of 5G due to health risks.
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Excellent and very important post, […]. Thank you for helping to bring this to light. I just pray with all my heart that people take notice.

Secret 5G roll-out:

5G antennas are reportedly being installed near schools throughout America during the Coronavirus shutdown. (Near your kids, people! Their CNS is still developing.) Data is being collected by many people showing police, AT&T workers and others installing the antennas. They put out a tremendous amount of microwave radiation that causes many serious health threats.

People MUST tell their city officials and all government representatives – WE DO NOT WANT 5G. In February, Switzerland banned 5G for this reason. (You can check reputable news sources to verify this truth.) Groups in my country are working frantically to ensure the same over here.

For more details, a good source is:

5G Radiation Dangers – A Definitive Guide:

(A medical doctor referred me to these sites.)
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Addict wants big fat check for taking huge doses of Klonopin

My lawyer backed out on the lawsuit
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I had a good lawyer and she was really excited about suing my doctor over Klonopin, only to look at medical records and say that’s a really high dose, how do we know it’s not the pharmaceutical company and instead maybe your doctor? And then things got really confusing because they didn’t know if it was a personal injury lawsuit or if it was a defective medicine lawsuit or perhaps a medical malpractice lawsuit. Long story short, it didn’t help me at all and now I have to start calling different lawyers all over the country again. Some of them recommended Mass tort lawsuits because they are kind of like personal civil lawsuits that you would file yourself, and that way you get different amounts of money for each person instead of a same check for everybody. Because everybody’s suffering is different and money lost is different. And supposedly there has already been a lawsuit against Klonopin back in the early 2000s. But that’s not good anymore either. And supposedly only the really big lawsuits are willing to do this because they have more money and time for stuff like this, and they can advertise and whatever else. So a lot of these smaller places are saying it’s definitely a case, but they’re not willing to take it on. Luckily I don’t have any drugs or anything in my medical records from this last time. The times before that, yeah there was a lot of them. Anyways, it’s going to be harder than I thought but I’m going to put all of my focus into this instead of how I feel. It’s a good way to recover quickly and get my mind off of things anyways. The way I see it, the worst that can happen is somebody turns it down again. But the best thing that can happen is buy a house with cash and buy another car with cash and never have to do anything again. So I’m not giving up. If anybody has any other pointers or if anybody else has started one already, let me know please.

California is protecting big Pharma
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So now I have all of these lawyers calling me back from different cities, and most of them are saying to look for a mass tort instead of a class action lawsuit. Either that or find a good attorney outside of California willing to do a personal injury lawsuit. They said in California, the FDA and new rules protect big Pharma companies like Genentech, the one that I’m trying to get money out of. They said a couple of years ago California had a lot of people suing big Pharma left and right and because of that, they put new rules in place against suing. So it’s better to find a lawyer in another state and Sue that way. But I don’t know how to start a mass tort and I’m just trying to get my bills paid because of Genentech making medicine that screws people over in the long run. It shouldn’t be so difficult, all the medical evidence is right there. Doctors are supporting me. So I don’t know why everybody is so worried about time and money instead of just suing them and getting the money. It’s not like any of this is made up. I think a lot of people these days need to grow a pair.

Brainwashed Benzo Buddies member’s husband looks dead wants to keep tapering

Feel lost DR DP INSANE
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My dr dp is brutal atm. My husband looks dead. He is pale and looks like sand. When he speaks it sounds foreign. I cant touch him he is plastic. If he touch me i cant feel it at all. I cant feel pain in my body. I can scratch my skin and dont feel that either. My neurodoc say that this is severe dissociation caused by benzo brain damage. My psychdoc say this is caused by my schwannoma tumor. Well who to trust? Docs are docs. No nothing about benzo…I think it is brain damage. i feel damage toxic in my brain. How do I learn to live in non reality in a dream zpne, not connected to the real world or to others?
How do you cope when everything sounds, looks acts super weird
My first episodes with DR DP was in may 2018. It comes and go but now it is so aggressive. Its hard really hard