63 thoughts on “Benzo Buddies members tell each other it’s possible for chewing gum to make them crazy

  1. why dont you use your IT hacker guy nt and bring down the buddies site. the fact is nt is just as stupid and as silly as you are. you are eveil and the buddies had to silence you. now run along little crybaby.

    nt=no talent

  2. Psychos, leave the fucking gum alone if it bothers you! Clearly you are mentally ill or you wouldnt need to post something so inane. I could imagine you doing it after a month off, but almost two years off! Thats your underlying mental illness showing.

  3. Awww, that’s cute. You guys know how to spell things! Can I try?

    BB= Barbaric Buffoons
    BB= Banal Boobs
    BB= Belligerent Bastards
    BB= Boring Brats
    BB= Bland Bitches
    BB= Bitter Blokes

    This message is brought to you by the letter “B”. You may grow up now. And keep watching Sesame Street, kids! Just be afraid if Big Bird is chewing any kind of gum.

  4. “Benzo Buddy” and “Buddy Boy” also have those two letters for initials. I know this because Big Bird told me after blowing a bubble with his Hubba Bubba bubble gum. He died of MSG poisoning shortly thereafter and Oscar the Grouch ate his corpse with mashed potatoes and some old green beans that were in a thrown out can. Oscar is nothing if not frugal.

    Perhaps we are just mocking YOU instead of your pristine sanctuary of lunacy. (Cough) Fellow Dumbasses. 🙂

  5. NT=Nasute Theopneustic

    Military Tanks (MT)=Malacophonous Textuary

    Buddy Boy (BB)=Bicapetate Balatron

  6. “Benzo Buddy”, you’re not very bright, are you? There’s no shame in this. Still, if you’re going to make insults, could you please at least attempt to make them coherent? Or at least speak about why you think what’s being said here is wrong?

    This is the problem we have. No one seems to want to debate. They’d rather just say “Haha ur an asshole we hate you you hate us bad word bad word bad word we r knowing IP address lalala”.

    Speak up, man! Let your voice be heard! Explain your position. Or by all means, continue the cowardly act of insulting people with ad hominem attacks without any substance. Whether you agree with what is said on this site or not, at least the guy running it makes his points known. You idiots just seem to post childish insults; why WOULDN’T someone mock you? Prove this point wrong. Write something intelligent. You can do it. I have faith in you.

  7. If I had a dollar for every time I was accused of being Mike59 I would be living in Beverly Hills and have 25 servants to cater to my every whim. I would be glad to take up a collection. Please donate to Mike59 and he will forward the funds to me. Thank You, Thank You. I must be putting on a very good show.

    LOL you nutty little Benzo Buddy Boy. You have a vivid imagination and you’re not a boy. Military Tanks knows a LOT about who you are. hee hee

  8. Superb observation, Unreason. Its a problem with this sight’s owner. He makes his infantile noninformed points known whilst censoring sane counterpoints by his opposition, painting them as unstable lunatics that can’t make a coherent sentence. He has shown himself to be scared of intelligent debate time after time. Not often does he allow his ‘enemies’ to voice there criticisms of his supposed views. You can’t have an intelligent debate with a hardheaded fundamentalist who can’t think outside the mental box they’ve isolated themselves in. Is it all an act he puts on to push people’s buttons or is he really that hardheaded? Thats the real question.

  9. Shut up Military Tank, you know nothing. You all are like a bunch of immature frat boys picking on everyone not in your little club.

  10. @BB Supporter – He is as hardheaded as the come, and immature to boot. Nothing goes in and rubbish pours out.

  11. “Its a problem with this sight’s owner.”

    These people need to have their internet disabled and go back to English classes. It would help them feel normal.

    The whole post the BB supporter made was based on transference. I haven’t seen a coherent sentence from any of the benzo buddies crew. They have come on here and verbally abused people. We expect nothing less from degenerates who consider themselves victims.

    The only people who have isolated themselves are the people who spend countless hours being addicted to a website such as benzo buddies. How many felt they’d lost a piece of their flesh when benzo buddies was closed down for 24 hours?

    Sadistic intent is inherent in a good proportion of the buddies who can’t see beyond their own self pity and belief that they are different than other humans.

    It’s obvious that the hate and rage are a product of cult indoctrination, psychological instability and species separation.

    Challenge for the Buddies
    Turn off your computer and stay off of the internet for 48 hours. If you find you cannot do this without feeling stifled and disturbed, urgently seek help from the proper medical professional. You are an addict.

  12. Buddy, Buddy, Buddy Boy. Seems I struck a soft spot, hmmmm? Do you have the hots for the invisible man?

  13. haha the crazy benzo junkies love coming to cesspool. most have abused benzos 10-20 years, brains destroyed, permanent side effects, and an inability to accept it. amusing.

  14. @BB Supporter: That was an intelligent, well reasoned response (except for the typo that NT pointed out, but hey, we all make errors on the internet). Thank you. I also notice that it was indeed posted here, in defiance of your overall point, that discussion is not allowed here unless it serves Mike59’s purposes. I think you might be incorrect on that point.

    So, now that we have an actual dialogue going, state your opinion on why you think what the man is doing here is unjust. I have this really funny feeling that he’ll allow it to be posted. He’s allowed death threats and other rather humorous misspelled “keyboard commando” insults towards himself to be posted on here, so I don’t see why he would balk at an actual conversation. You write well, so use that to voice your thoughts. It’s refreshing to see someone who doesn’t just say stupid things for no reason whatsoever. Hook us up; let your grievances be known. I cannot speak for the other folks who post here, but I’d rather everyone just get along. This will not happen until there is an understanding. An honest discussion will help with that.

    I appreciate you taking the time to try. It’s better than hearing ludicrous threats from fools across the world who could probably be knocked over by one of my farts. 🙂

  15. Oh so so predictable. NT took m59’s attributes that BB Supporter shined light on and projected it on the members of BB. You boys really are insane. Go get help before your stuck on stupid forever.

  16. Buddy girl, buddy girl, do you know what transference is?

    You are in deep denial of your obvious psychological issues which include hate and verbal abuse.

    May you have a spiffy day tomorrow. Make sure you have a nice breakfast with sizzling bacon and some eggs over easy.

    Sleep tight my little bunny.

  17. @Military Tanks – The transference was in NTs reply to BB Supporter. It is chock full of it. You are in denial.

  18. Did you have some bacon and eggs this morning?
    Toast with butter is a great accompaniment.

  19. Don’t forget the hot, delicious coffee with a dollop of whipping cream.
    It is very satisfying. Your senses will be amazed.

  20. Sticks and stones…lol

    Do you talk to your mother like that? Bet you do. I love Brut.
    Please have a nice bit of chocolate for a snack. It will open your senses to pleasure.

  21. Buddy Girl likes to say “shut up” a lot. I imagine the upbringing having a lot of shouting, spanking, coarse words spoken to children and things like “you talk when I tell you to talk. Now go to your room and stay there all day.”

    Buddy Girl, people can change despite their previous environment. Everyone has the potential to think good thoughts and have a nice, sweet heart.

    May God be with you today as you reflect on your behavior and words directed at one of his children.

  22. I threatened nobody. I stated my opinion. I am only a man of ideas. If my views are not allowed you can’t say your site is open to all opinions. That is censorship. That is a cult. You all are hypocrites.

  23. What are you scared of, Tom Jones? Whats the reason for hiding behind a Tom Jones mask if you believe your delusions to be true . Put your picture and real name and address on the site. Let the world know how insane you really are. You’d never do it cause you know this site is a crock of shit.

  24. We’d never dream of suggesting you do something horrible to yourself. That’s kind of why this site is here, but you don’t see that apparently. Keep your ideas of poison and harm to yourself, and stop making stupid suggestions of self-harm to others. You only weaken your cause, if you indeed even have one other than being an annoying prick.

    I agree with Mike59. Take your insipid attitude back to BB. They’ll explain that you’re only going through a withdrawal phase and you can’t help yourself. This will be comforting. We know that you’re just kind of a dickhead, and none of us even has a degree in psychology. 🙂

  25. You boys got no sense of humor.
    Can’t take a joke
    Control freaks

    Now that’s a winning combination of traits!

  26. Your wrong, Voice of Unreason. Mike59 told me to drink Drano before and it wasn’t in a joking way like what I said!

  27. Apparently you didn’t. Good for you! I guess you must have said or done something rather interesting to cause that sort of reaction. Got a link? Joking is in the eye of the beholder. I could tell you that I hope you choke on your own vomit while hanging naked upside down over a meat grinder, and I’d probably find that to be a humorous exaggerated statement. You’d possibly take it as a threat. Hence, I don’t say things like that to you or anyone on the web unless we know eachother, and they realize that I’m full of shit and don’t mean a word of it.

    That’s why I merely call you a dickhead. Nothing that could be construed as a threat. Except possibly against whatever object or person that particular head was to run into. But that’s a story that only you can tell.

  28. I am in with BuddyBoy. Why do you not post your pick and real name? Mr. Big Shot are you scared?!

  29. Holy shit, it’s Mike59! Nice cross!

    “answer the question”, we respect your anonymity as much as you should probably respect ours. It’s the lack of such and bringing bullshit into the real world beyond the internet that causes problems. We’ve seen how a few crazy people might decide to annoy others and harass families and such. And trust this: there are some people one probably wouldn’t want to do that to, as they’ll come right back after the perpetrator, and that might not be all that pretty. It’s better for everyone if we just bitch meaninglessly on the internet with our identities kept safe, yours included, oh master of the multiple names and the anonymouse accounts. Hypocrisy is a beautiful thing.

    Speak your grievances. And try not to stare too long at Tom Jones. This causes cancer in unborn fetuses and geriatrics. I have evidence of this that is most likely an utter lie.

  30. @ V of U

    Yup hypocrisy is a beautiful thing. U just described 59 and this whole C of M belief. U made me laugh so much by ur post.

    As for a picture of Mike59, look to the 1 posted with the fatty with DJs head imposed on it. That is the body of Mr. 59. and if u impose a head of an old raisin on top that will be what 59 looks like

  31. Sorry about that. Felt the need to vent. Back on topic:

    It’s amazing what people will blame for their own problems while either taking or withdrawing off of medication. Chewing gum? Really? That’s almost the most foolish thing I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard a lot of rubbish over the years. What’s next? “My dog is staring at me, and is causing me deep depression!” “The M&M’s are coming to get me! Especially the green ones!” “My Egg McMuffin is thinking sinister thoughts, and I can hear them in my skull! DAMN YOU, RONALD MCDONALD!”

    Advice about fearing simple substances is rather unproductive, all told. Certainly, people can need support during the process of getting off of psychoactive medication, as it is a rough time in their lives. However, those giving the support should be responsible for what they say. MSG is in most foods that people eat, and while it’s entirely possible that there are a couple of people who are allergic to it, that’s no reason for a blanket ban on ramen noodles. They’ve kept millions of college kids alive for 5 or more decades, and most of them don’t freak out unless at a really cool kegger.

    It’s easy to blame just about anything for mental issues, but the fact remains that this is a dishonest approach. Some people actually NEED to have medication. Those who do not will still have a rough time if they’ve been on the stuff for awhile, but there is absolutely no reason to accuse common substances of nefarious deeds during such time. YOUR BRAINS ARE TEMPORARILY FUCKED UP. ACCEPT IT AND GET ON WITH IT. And chew some gum.

    Support groups are a good thing in their intent, but anything taken to extremes just ruins the purpose. Be honest with people, and do not feed ridiculous fantasies about their chewing gum causing a mental breakdown or their Beef Flavored Ramen Packet having the capability of destroying their relationships. That is just plain stupid. Be better than that, you idiots! If you’re taking care of people, do so. Paranoia is a symptom of benzodiazapine withdrawal anyway; stop feeding it or you’re no better than the people you purport yourselves to help.

    This message was brought to you by Wrigley’s Gum and the Doublemint Twins.

  32. @uwillneverpostthis

    Cute. You are well versed in ad hominem attacks. Maybe you should run for office! Santorum would lose to you in a heartbeat! 🙂

    Instead of spewing insults, say something productive with your opinion on the matters at hand that are being discussed, or kindly silence yourself. Comments that can basically be condensed to “haha mikey is fat evn tho I hav no idea but I has a keyboard so FU” are childish. Be a grownup. Give it a shot; it’s liberating to actually have intelligent discussions.

  33. @Voice of Unreason

    You seem to be a man (or woman; excuse me if I misjudged) of intelligence and reason. I enjoy your name title.

    By your comments I am deducing that you have not been around these benzo forums for any good length of time. Again, forgive me if I stand corrected. Your words are very reasonable and honorable.

    Most of the comments here from the other side are presented with anger and rage. These individuals are angry because they’ve made a choice. That choice is to surround themselves with codependency and live inside of a benzo bubble. Most see this as the worst thing that can happen to a person. Of course, we know that this is a false axiom simply because we are in the real world and have seen devastation and destruction in lives to epic proportions.

    These selfish savages tend to call those who challenge their belief system psychopaths yet they continue to live in their own unrealistic fantasy world not realizing that the psychopathy lies deeply ingrained within their own psyches. They wish for people to die a horrible death. They even go so far as to name who they wish would endlessly suffer, i.e. doctors, nurses, Mike59, Military Tanks, etc.

    A psycopath cannot reason. Unable to feel sympathy for the human race, they become entrenched in the brainwashing they participate in and read every day. They wind up within that dark hole and, at some point, become lodged forever.

    A classic example would be princezz. She knows little about the advice she gives and speaks from rote, calling up subconscious memory of the hundreds of thousands of posts she has read.

    Another prime example shedding a different cult personality would be Pamster. This is the personality of egotist, not unlike Colin. The attention and praise she received was the food for her existence. You can see this by her disappearance and her subsequent response to the thread “Where is Pamster?” Mike59 displayedhHer lack of real concern, her placation and surface driven superficial responses directed to Darrin Rittenhouse. Pamster is a tale of misery. She eventually brings down everything and everyone in her life.

    Princezz is a pamster in the making. The personality traits fit and you will all see the progression continue. Being a woman of color, princezz feels she is ‘different’. She doesn’t think there are many other African Americans, especially female African Americans, in her position. Being a moderator on benzo buddies she can now feel like a woman of importance, despite her innermost feeling that she has been given a raw deal by being born black.

    Many of the anonymous and hateful comments here have been made by Nicolette who prances around Benzo Buddies pretending she is a good woman. Here she can unleash her suppressed anger, hate and rage. She thinks that posting under different names and not confessing her sinful acts to Colin will absolve her from any responsibility.

    Those who wish poisoning, death, slow torture and any other violent act is psychotic. This is the worst kind of sociopath and they run amok on Benzo Buddies. Common sense would dictate that being a member of that forum would open one up to ridicule here on Cesspool of Madness yet they feel safe. Can this be explained with rationality?

    The answer is NO. There will be no rationalizing with those who refuse to see their own mental illness.

  34. @ NT and ur quote here at the end of ur pointless rant.
    The answer is NO. There will be no rationalizing with those who refuse to see their own mental illness. ur quote
    See my comment to V of U is very true. U speekum with forked tongue NT

    Yup hypocrisy is a beautiful thing. U just described 59 and this whole C of M belief. U made me laugh so much by ur post. Again I laugh @ NT

  35. @NT

    You are quite correct, sir. I’ve not been around all that long in this little microcosm of the internet. Let’s just say I’ve had a crash course in the “politics” of sorts, and I learn more every day. Especially the interesting “behind the scenes” stuff, which I’m more privy to than I’d really wish to be. It’s a brave new world.

    I still hold out hope that reason can trump rage, and that’s why I post here. I realize that it’s probably a lost cause, seeing as there is such deep-seated resentment on both sides of this situation (and to be quite fair, a lot more anger from the “visitors” of numerous names and most likely similar IP addresses), but you cannot fail until you try. So, try I shall.

    I see the point that Mike59 and you guys are attempting to make, and agree with it mostly. Having a sense of humor helps with this. This is something sorely lacking in the folks who come on with an agenda of threatening people with impotent words and poor spelling. 🙂

  36. Amen, Voice of Unreason. Amen.

    They are angry. A psychopath laughs at misfortune and pretends to be many, just like uwillneverpostthis/z3. They also project their own instability, multiple personality disorder and illness on others. They hate M59 and Cesspool because the truth is being told. They also refuse to believe that others think he is right. They don’t like it, in fact, they despise/hate/rebuke the ideas.

    They say they laugh but they really do want to hurt and maim. The posts are filled with filthy hate and darkness. They don’t like to be disturbed.

    They also refuse to eat bacon and eggs, chocolate, chinese food and drink coffee. A true shame. Maybe they will be on their deathbeds wishing they had licked the salt off of the bottom of the french fries container and not worried about what was secretly deposited in them. Rather sad, isn’t it?

    Keep up the good work.

  37. @Voice of Unreason

    I’ve read some of your comments, and I appreciate your intellect, humor, and attempt at opening a dialogue in an issue that pre-dates my own experience in this whole “experience.” I have had content posted here, from BB, much of it taken out of context, and then have been mocked, called names, etc. You’ve probably made a witty one or two, judging by your writing style!

    I am not pro-Scientology, anti-doctor, anti-psychiatry, or anti-medicine. A lot of the posts I make on BB run in the humorous vein, but here, they get posted in the literal, hence the CoM mocking and diagnosing of me. I recognize on this site’s “About” section, the author’s freedom to comment upon others’ work for the purpose of, well, dialogue. I’m not going to speak for other people, just myself, here; I just find it frustrating. I don’t bear any rage, and I’m not posting here out of rage. Just curiosity.

    Apparently, by the standards here, my participation in BB makes me a “cult member,” and I’ve earned a lot of other epithets via this site via innocuous or humorous posts. Perhaps I’m too “indoctrinated 😉 ” to understand what the issue is. How does giving and receiving support, sometimes with a sense of humor, make it OK to have a target on my back?

  38. I hope you don’t mind if I interject here. Because you weren’t present at the conception of this issue NT will offer you some space.

    Because it’s impossible to know who you are, you being quoted in a not so humorous way is irrelevant to the conversation. It’s not possible to reference your humorous and innocuous posts in rebuttal of your question if you are posting anonymously.

    These are honest questions although I don’t know whether you will choose to answer them with honesty. Why DO you participate in Benzo Buddies? Everyone participates in a life aspect to receive something. What do you receive by your participation? Do you happen to notice what is wrong with the Benzo Buddies ambiance?

    If you have been cited here then you will have made comments akin to doctor and pharmaceutical distaste as well as have given prescriptive advice or ranted about how you have been slighted by the system. There is no other reason for your posts to be targeted.

  39. Glad to hear from you, “Let’s”. As I have no idea which member of BB you are, I can’t really comment on how your posts have been taken out of context, and completely understand why you wouldn’t wish to put that information out there.

    I don’t really see the big deal about Mikey putting the content from a public board up here, as we’re all pretty much just “Ghosts in the Machine”. When he sees something that he finds to be silly, he plops it up here. It would be one thing if we were all using our actual names on posts, but the end, we’re literally just a bunch of avatars on the web. No one cares who a “Nicolette” or a “RobbedByBenzos” or whatever is, as these are just monikers used for communication. Those are just examples, by the way, off the top of my head. No offense is meant to those folks, unless they did something nutty. Even if they did, it really doesn’t matter. 🙂

    I cannot speak for Mike59 or the rest of the folks here, as I’m just another joker posting on the site and not on the inside, so to speak, but I can offer a little bit of insight from what little I’ve learned over time. This “war” of sorts isn’t being waged upon the individuals who go to BB. People like you are reasonable human beings who just want to help or be helped, and there’s not a damn thing wrong with that. I think that would be an apt description of the majority of people on benzo sites, really. It’s when folks become “addicted” if you will to a website and start “Hero Worshipping” that it becomes a sick phenomenon. That and ludicrous posts about “fear of chewing gum”. I mean, c’mon, that’s just silly. 🙂

    In the past, certain folks who are current members of BB, after another forum that they were members of dissipated into the wind, harassed Mike59’s family (and possibly other folks who post here a lot… that I do not know) over the web and in real life. Hence, this is how he fights back. You seem to be a decent person (at least, as best one can judge from a single forum post), and I can almost readily assure you that nothing posted about you or quoted from you is meant as ill against you. I’m sure if Mike posted some of the things I’ve said over time on these forums, I’d just laugh it off, and I’m pretty sure he has at one point or another. I certainly am not innocent of saying dumb things on occasion!

    Anyway, I’m glad you wrote here. It’s good to hear from someone who can think for themselves, and not be guided by the beliefs of others. As stated, I don’t know who you are on BB, but if you’re cheering people up and not giving them bad advice, then you are one of the “good guys” (or gals). That’s what I try to do in my time on the sites. In a way, this site keeps people honest, and God bless it for that, for if we say something that’s ridiculous, it’s gonna be called out. It’s good to support others, as long as we don’t tell them stupid things. 🙂

  40. It’s very plain and simple. They don’t know what the fuck they are doing. The give shitty advice and they hurt people. They want to be moderators and administrators because they want power. Look at that Nicolette bitch. She cowers to colin and then she goes around acting like cult queen mother. She spouts something off that she read somewhere or probably copied and pasted about xanax and klonopin and the dummy doesn’t even understand what she wrote.

    They’re all fucked up. They piss me off. And the idiots go there as if they are getting helped when these dumb asses who are members there only go there because they have pathetic and lonely lives and want to have someone take care of them. Constantly whining woe is me and saying how awful life is because their doctors are no good pricks who love the almighty buck. Weakness abounds in that disgusting place. Weak and sappy love being given and received by complete strangers. I guess it’s safer than going out and whoring yourself for attention. Whatever. Makes me want to puke.


  41. I do have to dispute one point here, Mike: I came from Benzo Buddies. I went there for help originally as it was the first site that came up in Google, discovered that it was kind of nuts, and left. If someone like me can make an error and then correct it, I’d think anyone could. Well, rational people anyway, I’d hope.

    Just a thought, man. The people on there aren’t all evil idiots. The management? Quite probably. You’ve certainly shown evidence that proves this. Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater, though. When you call them all guilty (considering how many of ’em there are joining up every day who have no idea about any of this crap), that doesn’t further your cause.

    Attack the guilty, for sure. They deserve it. Please remember that people can learn, though. Anyway, I shall shut up. I mean no harm, but I know what you’ve gone through, so I’m just trying to be a Jiminy Cricket of sorts, as if I was in your position, I’d probably be enraged as well. Gotta keep focus, though. Just my 2 cents. I’ll happily accept the change. 🙂

  42. @NT
    I’ll try to answer your questions as best I can. I just chewed a piece of gum and I’m not sure if I’ll be able type a coherent reply 😉 I joined BB when I looking for support to taper off several medications, for which my doctors felt were no longer beneficial to me for various reasons. My doctors have been supportive and we have worked together in this process, but because the process has been difficult, emotionally and physically, I have enjoyed having a support system beyond regular doctors visits. I have made friends in the process and have learned things which have been helpful.

    In reference to your question about the negatives of the BB ambiance – one of my chief concerns, I suppose, is that (vulnerable) people without doctor/s support may be receiving medical advice/information that could be detrimental. I try, when I post, to talk about what has worked for myself personally, always with the caveat that I am working with my doctors. Perhaps this crosses the line of “giving medical advice,” and suggestive of why I have been singled out. If so, point taken – it has given me [MSG-free] food for thought on how I should word things so I can still offer support but without seeming like I am giving medical advice.

    And, I don’t rubber-stamp all the ideas that are tossed around on BB. Do I think chewing a piece of gum is going to harm you? I see that paranoia occurs, and I just stay away from it. Going through the tapering and withdrawal process *is* difficult, and I don’t begrudge anyone their fears for the side effects they may be experiencing. I, myself, try to remain rational, and keep my sense of humor intact.

    Thank you for your comments. I’m glad you are discussing these things with me, and not writing me off, simply for my presence on BB. Indeed, I have said many dumb things, which I’m sure is fodder for many a website. I am genuinely sorry for whatever threats have come against M59 and his family. I don’t think, when other people post here, with lame comments, like “u shud dye” etc., that facilitates any sort of meaningful discussion about what the issues are. And threats are never an acceptable way to go about things. Although some of the things posted about me have been hurtful, I try to accept it as a learning experience and move on.

    One point one – fair enough. If I don’t give you evidence, I shouldn’t be complaining. It was meant as an observation, more than anything, not an accusation. I am posting anonymously at this point because you have used my real name/photo in your posts of me. I felt in a quandary as I wasn’t sure how I would be received in your home. Unlike other posters to your site that just seem to either make strange threats or weird taunts, I took up @VoU’s offer to have a discussion. I had no idea how that would be taken, given that I purportedly come from the “enemy” camp.

    I don’t know how to prove that I’m not anti-doctor. I did make a sarcastic anti-drug post once, and received a reprimand for it. Sarcasm never goes over well. Was I disagreeing with BB’s dogma? Your dogma? Do I have the right to disagree? I understand some of your underlying frustrations there, as you might understand mine.

    Am I indoctrinated? I would state that by trying to have a discussion here, I’m showing good faith. I’m not doing an Ashton taper, myself. My doctors, that I rely on, were not interested in going that route, although, yes, I did show them the Ashton Manual. But I rely on their guidance, and they rely on my input as to how my body responds to the tapers I am doing.

    I cannot explain the fear of butter, MSG, salt, etc. I only suspect that people have had bad experiences with doctors. My only contribution to those discussions are to try and share the positive experiences I have had and offer encouragement that people seek medical advice, while doing my best not to give medical advice. Sometimes I blur the line, and I’m trying to be more self-aware about that.

    I gave a reply to @NT regarding the giving of medical advice. That is something that concerns me, as well. I don’t want to see anyone harmed by the doling out of prescriptive information from people without medical degrees. I’m aware of your sentiments on that, which has made me try and think of how I can be of better support to others.

    As you say, everyone is a target and there are no innocents. Is it even helpful for me to come here and engage? I’m not looking to get out of your cross-hairs. I saw a potential discussion was going on and hoped I could offer my own viewpoint, which is my own.

    As @Me seems to summarize, “They’re all fucked up.” Why do I even bother trying to have a discussion?

  43. I see that several comments were made while I was typing a reply.

    I had only seen @Me’s last comment.

    If the opportunity is available for further discussion (you’ve pointed out this is not a debate site – so maybe this is just getting shut down), then I would again hope to be welcomed back to participate. If not, I’ve appreciated you allowing me to take some time on your thread to offer what I hope was something useful.

  44. I don’t believe I’ve been singled out, any more than anyone else has been, for whatever posts they’ve made that have caught your attention. As you stated, everyone is a target.

    Sorry, wrong guess. I don’t know that poster. I’m not trying to be coy or play games, etc. As @VoR stated that you’ve received threats, which I find abhorrent, I also don’t wish to receive threats myself. I don’t know if that is a legitimate concern or not, but given the tone of some of the posts in the thread, I don’t wish (at this point) to open myself up to that. If that makes any sense.

    I have to sign-off for the night. Again, thank you for letting me have a voice here. I will check back tomorrow to see if my continued participation is useful or not.

  45. @dialogue you participate and you know what they are doing. You still participate and you know that colin is involved in the harassment of mike59’s family. You participate even though you know that he allows the key harassers to post at his site, namely hope-fiend, casey and offandrunning. There are more hiding.

    You know and you still participate yet you come here with apologies and excuses.

    You are weak.

  46. @MT
    I didn’t have any knowledge about “key harassers” during my participation.
    I was intrigued by comments in this thread, namely @VoU’s call for a dialogue, in which I’ve tried to answer questions about my own situation and address comments made to me. My apologies have been about harassment, because I don’t feel that is OK, under any circumstance. If my transgression of “excuses” is that I still continue to participate at BB, it is only to give and receive support during a difficult time. But I am not without the awareness that you have pointed out that BB is not perfect world. I have a brain and can think independently. I’ve tried to come here with my own perspective, not to bash anyone, name call, make threats, etc.

    If what I have posted here makes me weak, so be it. I’m just doing the best I can, as I probably think we all are in this world.

    Thank you for taking the time to listen, to all who have replied.

  47. If you didn’t know then please accept my apologies. You do know, now, that _____ was a key player and enabler in the harassment of Mike59 and his family, specifically his daughter with which fake facebook profiles were made with her photos, advertising sex.

    Do you condone this sort of thing? I don’t think you do. You sound like a gentle person. However, supporting that site is supporting the people who choose to condone such behavior.

    Did you know that _____ has threatened people and caused them to make false public statements to further his agenda against Mike59?

    I encourage you to read through this website if you have the time to do so. You may gain a broader understanding of why we all support Mike59.

  48. You’re doing fine, “let’s”. There have been a lot of transgressions done in the past by some of the folks who frequent BB, hence the suspicion by some on here of your motives. Still, I think what one says is more important than where they say it. You speak your mind well, and we appreciate that.

    Don’t let anyone who might slightly attack you on here stifle you. There are some deep emotions going through some of the folks, as they’ve had to deal with some rather crazy stuff, so they might be hesitant to trust someone who is posting “at the enemy’s site”. Also, you’ll find that several “trolls” like to infest this site and say ludicrous things. All the nature of the beast. NT, Military Tanks, Amano, Mike59, Wavy Gravy, Zeno & C are the main folks who post on here under the same name every time. And apparently me as well. 🙂 Anyone else (I’m probably forgetting someone from the main poster’s list…sorry!), might just be attempting to cause trouble, unless they say something reasonable.

    Let’s keep talking. Your viewpoint is certainly welcome.

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