Take Tylenol start to vibrate?

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Well im back,2 days ago i took some tylenol extra strength for some jerks i was having at night. I dont think it did me too good at all  :( . took away the pain i was having but gave me some anxiety that night and felt very tense the next day. I felt somewhat accelerated also and i couldnt sleep till bout 8 am woke up today at 5pm. Ate, went to a friends house and still felt somewhat accelerated.  really couldnt stop talking!  :-[ . and at the same time i felt tired  ??? . its now 3 am and i felt tired so i tried to pass out and i couldnt. was having all sort of irrational thoughts, like if i was tripping on acid or something felt like im dreaming but im awake. things didnt seem much real or my thoughts. was thinking of all sort of weird thoughts and still am  :( . I really hope this doesnt send me back into hell  :'( . i felt like i was doing pretty good overall, but that tylenol seemed to have put me back some. im gettin  that vibrating thing in my head again feels like someone is ringing a gong in my head. its so weird how im having all these irrational thoughts when my head feels SO clear, no cogfog or nothing!! hopefully it goes away soon.  :(

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  1. This is what Benzo Buddies does. It causes people with anxiety disorder to start fearing tylenol. There is something very wrong. The site actually causes psychosis. Ask any physician who knows of this forum and what changes they see in their patients compared to patients that don’t stumble upon the site.

    NT is going to try to get a doctor’s statement to post here.

  2. I am new to the Benzo sites and do not really post very often. The only reason I know of this place is because of what they posted at BenzoBuddies.

    It is hard to believe the moderators do not say something to that loony tune. It is a mixed up thing trying to go off the drug but tylenol triggering something like that. Who in their right mind think of such a thing? Is common sense gone? Symptoms or not you still have common sense.

    I will have to start reading more of the posters there.

  3. Someone from benzobuddies told me about this site. I was told not to post here because the person running this site was very mentally unstable and dangerous in real life. Is this site an alternative to the other site? After briefly browsing through some of the comments, it is obvious the purpose of this site is to hurt and ridicule those of us who have been damaged by benzos and are suffering. I thought perhaps this was another site designed to help those of us who have been hurt by these psychiatric drugs. I won’t be posting here anymore.

  4. and look at the reinforcing response! ahhahaha
    they don’t know they’re insane! isn’t that cute.. or something.


    I can totally relate to your experience. I have problems with Tylenol, too. Just try to take it easy for a while. I get very ramped up when I take Tylenol or any other pain med for that matter. I end up having to take Aleve when I get a really bad, long headache that won’t leave. That ramps me up, too. I’m thankful that I don’t get headaches nearly as often as I used to. I hope you are ok and that your sleep gets back on track. I think it is Tylenol related. Tylenol and pain meds are hard on the liver. Since being on benzos for years, I have all kinds of reactions to just about everything there is.

    I hope you feel better soon. Take care.


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