5 thoughts on “Letters to a Marin County Jail


    Do you feel I am causing Flick pain and misery? I’m wondering if you think Flick should be the only drug dealer exempt from the law.

    I do believe that Flick caused his own personal pain and misery throughout his life. I’m sure he has had many mental issues and that’s why he self medicates but he has lived a life of self gratification and a life surrounded by various drugs and the drug culture. He’s nigh on 65 years old and sitting in a jail cell in Marin County. He has no where to live, no friends to put up the $1000 to bail him out and, best of all, he’s been without his ganja for about 6 weeks and probably living off of the canned veggies and powdered mashed potatoes served in the jail. Hopefully he’s getting his protein from the powdered eggs they serve in the morning. Now, a carnivore would gladly be sustained on jail food, especially if they have no income and nowhere to live. Flick’s choices created his current misery.

    Flick publicly tooted his own horn and pranced around bragging about his alternate lifestyle. He verbally abused and attacked anyone who had a difference of opinion.
    That’s how all this crap started in the first place, ROBERTSON.

    Time for you to crack open that bible of yours and do some repenting? ummm, yes, I think so.

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