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I read over some of this tonight and it seems like Point of Return is cashing in on an epidemic. Has anyone seen this site? Do the nutriants they give work? It’s only $265, lol. rstud


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They lost me at ‘purchase’.

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challis, lol.i hear you girlfriend. i was wondering about repairing nerve damage with magnesium and saw this site. rstud

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Find anything good about magnesium?

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Sometimes sites like this prey on people who are desperate. I have found no shortcuts (including supplements) that have helped out with benzo withdrawal. I wish there was something we could buy that would help. Unfortunately, I haven’t found it.


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i’m sorry to say there are no short cuts with this nightmare. i’d try catsh** if i thought it would help!! rstud

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It’s probably always a good idea to take a multiple vitamin… what with our food source being ‘compromised’ by “whatever” process – be it too early harvesting (to prevent spoilage during shipping) or antibiotics in the meats, or over processing of grains, etc.,

We are not getting all the nutrients from our foods that we were just a few generations ago, and then we have pollution to worry about, and sunscreens are depleting our vitamin D absorption. We need the vitamin boost but a good multiple vitamin and mineral is probably all we need.

I take a multiple vitamin and mineral, fish oil, vitamin E, B-complex and feverfew for controlling my migraines. (feverfew is far better than benzos for controlling my migraines)

These benzos tax our systems and – I am sure – deplete us of needed nutrients. Since I have been off the benzos (almost three years now) I am noticing much improvement in many areas … my fingernails are no longer brittle .. my skin is better, eyes are not as dry but I’m not going to list everything …

I think it is my taking the vitamins on a regular basis that has helped me heal faster, your bodies can’t do the necessary repair work without the proper chemicals, and those chemicals are the vitamins and minerals in our foods, … with our compromised food sources – we need the supplemental boost.

But I’d never pay $250.00 a month to a company like that … no way.

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  1. Alesandra Rain owns Point of Return. She is a Scientologist. She started out using Jim Harper’s products (another staunch Scientolgist) from The Road Back program. Did a lot of sweat lodge stuff and initially tried to work with Harper but branched out on her own to start Label Me Sane which she renamed Point of Return. She changed her name to Alesandra Rain. It used to be something else, can’t remember. She wrote a book and claimed the reason for her previous mental illness and instability was because she suspects her ex-husband was poisoning her with mercury. I read her book and it sounded like a tall fairy tale.


    Just read a good article:

  2. You have no clue about what you are claiming. Point of Return is a legitimate program that has successfully helped thousands of people all over the world. I, for one, am a success story because of their help. I was on Xanax, Depakote ER, Pristiq, Adderall, Ambien, and Mirtazapine for several years. With the tireless aid of their knowledgeable staff and their natural supplements, I was able to taper off all my medications and have been clean for 3 months now. Obviously, none of you have researched anything. Glutathione is produced in the body, but becomes depleted by the use of various prescription medications. They have a wonderful supplement that promotes glutathione and aids in the tapering/withdrawal process. Other supplements contain omega-3, tart cherry to help in sleeping and milk decapeptide for a non-habit forming calming agent. I have an extensive pharmacy and medical background and researched POR thoroughly before I began the program. They are the real deal, folks. For those who refuse to think so, I feel sorry for you. I am on the other side now and can vouch for them. And for the record, Alesandra Rain is NOT a Scientologist.

  3. I’ve been asked to respond to this thread.

    No, I am not a Scientologist. I did do their sauna program and absolutely did get benefit, but I did not join the church. I am a Christian and no member of the Point of Return team is a Scientologist. And if you knew anything about Scientology, they wouldn’t work with those of us who were on psychiatric drugs anyway.

    While Scientology is not a religion I am interested in, I am very respectful of other belief systems. We have every religion represented on our program, including Scientologists, and I firmly believe our role is to free people so they can choose a spiritual path that is right for them. So you will never hear me condemn another religion, even if I disagree with their tenets.

    We endorsed TRB program early on as initially we only lectured against psychiatric drug and quickly realized education wasn’t enough as so many wanted help to get off them. TRB appeared to be viable so we endorsed it (and yes, they are Scientologists) and found out within a few months that there were inherent problems. So we brought in a medical team and experts to develop a program that was viable. And to date we’ve helped tens of thousands in 65 countries.

    I am a drug expert for ABC and Fox National News and do hundreds of radio shows, television programs, lectures, training of physicians, doctors and pharmacists – all are free. My story has been featured on CNN, More Magazine, Wall Street Journal and many others, and each did a thorough background on myself and Point of Return to ensure truth. Our mission is to help as many people as possible to escape these horrible drugs. And after being on a huge cocktail of psychiatric drugs for a decade and suffering a subsequent cold-turkey, my passion is to help so no one has to endure what I did.

    And yes, we have nutraceuticals in our program. For anyone that has endured the horrific withdrawals from benzos, sleeping pills or antidepressants, you already know that relief from the symptoms makes tapering possible. I did it the hard way and screamed for relief. We do not use normal vitamins as even simple items like Calcium can wreak havoc. So again, its ignorance that perpetuates inaccuracy.

    The ‘man who answered’ is the brother of the other co-founder, not my husband, and he is very kind and dedicated as everyone on our team is – he has been through the nightmare with these drugs as has nearly every member of our nonprofit team, most are volunteers and many are Alumni of POR’s program.

    So please, whether you use Point of Return or not, do not be willing to just absorb wrong information. This is the party line the drug companies use to keep us drugged and we all need to learn to evaluate rather than buying into false information. What concerns me most about the hate and anger that flows on many blogs is that you are frightening people that need help to regain their lives.

  4. Alesandra, whether you have physicians that you are paying to assist or back your claims is of no consequence. Do you have scientific documents to cite that show Calcium to “wreak havoc” on a benzodiazepine withdrawal patient? Your neutraceuticals contain large amounts of B vitamins that have been heavily rumored to “wreak havoc” with benzodiazepine withdrawal patients.

    Your claims regarding these neutraceuticals have not been scientifically proven to alleviate benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms in any double blind setting and there is no scientific basis to show that Montmorency tart cherry tablets aid benzodiazepine withdrawal induced insomnia. Anyone can purchase high quality vitamin supplements for a fraction of the cost of your “neutraceutical” products at their local vitamin store or health food store.

    Immunocal, which is the major constituent of your powdered formula, is listed in the PDR and will raise glutathione production in the liver. It has been shown to assist Parkinson’s patients and is an antioxidant and a detoxifying agent which raises cellular glutathione but does not cross the blood brain barrier. Glutathione does not cross the blood brain barrier either.

    Your natural tension relief (PNT-200) is made up of simple milk proteins in concentration and has no true benefit to relaxation of the excess firing present in the brain during benzodiazepine withdrawal.

    I could go on but, in essence, you are selling Immunotec products with different labels as well as their product, Immunocal, with added vitamins.

    Anyone can go to this website http://www.immunotec.com/Consultant.prod
    and purchase the same products under different names/labels.

    Your sob story is no different than many people, some with worse experiences, only you have created a gimmick and are profiting from this gimmick with added drama and false statements to draw the unassuming, depressed, ill and/or frightened individual into thinking you have the answers when you know, full well, that there are no true answers to benzodiazepine withdrawal symptom relief. I am not sure why you don’t advertise the sweat lodges that you used during your detoxification process at Cirque Lodge, a Scientology based and owned detox center.

    Alesandra, why pretend? There are many people with equal or better business minds who have experienced benzodiazepine withdrawal. If I were in your shoes I would be humiliated at the prospect of posting what you just posted and hoping to be taken seriously. The one thing you do have going in your favor is your fanaticism against “the party line the drug companies use to keep us drugged”. Your program is shrouded in Scientology dogma.

    You did make a very valid statement that should broaden to also question your integrity and that statement is “we all need to learn to evaluate rather than buying into false information.”

  5. Get your Point of Return supplements for a fraction of the cost

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  6. Thanks Mike-59, now I see where some of the craziness originated. Taking a 2 hour seminar is not joining Scientology. And I have no idea what rstud is referring to and again, while Scientology is not a religion I follow, I will not criticize anyone else’s choice as spiritual freedom is part of our inherent right.

    I think the pharmaceuticals are phenomenal marketing machines and pills are products. So they are brilliant at marketing everyday ailments with a pill remedy. I think we all have to remember that we are being sold…

  7. Once again, more untruths Donna.

    Life Extension Bioactive Milk Peptides is a bottle of 30, ours is 120 and lactose and fat free.

    King Orchards Tart Cherry is a bottle of 60 435mg ours is 120 and more potent at 500mg

    Puritan Pride is a weak omega 3 with combined EPA/DHA of only 360mg. Ours is 710mg DHA and over 300mg EPA per gelcap

    Immunocal is a 300gram box without any other micronutrients. Our Glutathione formula is almost 600grams, with B6, B12, Folate, Selenium, Zinc and Vitamin D3. And again, the levels are micro, not large as you state.

    I hope that everyone can get the workbook from Amazon and learn how to taper properly, as well as what items to eliminate to make it more comfortable. That alone will make it more comfortable.

  8. lol Alesandra. Exactly as you say. However, you know that what you say and the strength of the supplements isn’t the point. The main point is that you offer nothing special that can’t be obtained easily at another venue. I gave examples of how easy it is to obtain the products, whether they cost less or cost more.

    The main point (no pun intended) is that bigger isn’t always better and just because you claim, let’s say, that your Glutathione forumula contains almost 600 grams as opposed to 300 grams doesn’t mean that your formula is any better than Immunocal at producing glutathione that crosses the blood-brain barrier.

    You know full well that your products can’t improve benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms by any scientific method. Claiming that you have a bigger and better fish oil supplement doesn’t negate the fact that larger amounts of fish oil aren’t recommended and can cause many unwanted side effects like blood thinning, increased risk of bleeding, brain zaps, increases of total cholesterol by up to 10%, stomach upset and other common side effects.
    It sounds almost like a pharmaceutical doesn’t it?

    You should thank Mike59 for allowing you to advertise on his blog.

    I know plenty of people that paid hundreds of dollars for your neutraceuticals, including myself, who got very ill from them. You are full of shit, Alesandra, and you are scamming the sick, weak and anxious into believing that you have the miracle answer. You are a classic shyster.

  9. Supplements are modern day snake oil. Buyer beware as this is the Wild West and pretty much unregulated nonsense. I could write a book on all the harm this sham “industry” has caused people whilst parting consumers from billions of dollars. The weak minded are particularly vulnerable to their unethical sales tactics and false and misleading claims. Show me a supplement user and I will show you a fool wasting their time, money, and their health. Nutrients are best derived from food!

  10. Studies done in 2013 determined the vitamin supplements are a scam, waste of money and may shorten your life span. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!???

  11. Synthetic supplements leech minerals from the body and in the doses they’re coming in are often very bad for bone density, tooth enamel, and also they can affect the efficacy of many meds. How many times do new-agers recommend unhealthy stuff? Nearly always!

    See benzobuddies for examples of perpetual health problems and hormone imbalances!

    But beware, there are outrageous and deadly dairy products everywhere! And if they don’t get ya, the hashimoto or lyme diseases will!


  12. Oh my gosh so much to say ,I’m confused totally my name is Sarah and I’m on benzos,tapering off slowly,trying pot supplements doesn’t mean I have to keep buying just trying .I think sometimes for some people these things do help so you know I get where you are all coming from but we’re all different.What works for one does not work for another .and two hundred something rallies is not a lot ,have you ever gone to a vitiam store there really expensive .Can’t hurt if I have side effects I’ll stop can’t be any worse then the withdraws are which I understand now which makes it a little easier to manage.Your not wrecked for life you can heal ,you won’t die from it ,it’s just very UN uncomfortable but that is your body healing itself

  13. Hi Sarah, pot supplements are usually illegal and known to cause confusion, paranoia, various mental illnesses including schizophrenia, and extreme lethargy and lack of motivation to do much of anything.
    There us not one gosh darn vitamin pill in the whole store that can help anyone with benzo WD. Save your money for fresh, high quality foods. They are wholesome and delicious???????????????????????????????

  14. Hello Meow
    I used some supplements whilst in benzo WD and I can tell you the only effect they had on me was my wallet got thinner and I had very expensive urine… But that is it! We all got in trouble thinking pharmaceutical pills would make our problems disappear and our lives would be easier. So in WD, we just switch to a new source of pills, that is virtually unregulated and full of fraud, and now things will be better?!?!?!?
    This is the definition of insanity.
    These supplements range from fraudulent placebos to harmful liver damaging and cancer causing nightmares. Run away and pray to become less gullible.

  15. Hi Sarah here have been using pot for yrs and I am a very motivated person does not cause all the things they say here the only thing por does to me is,relax my soul and make me hungry oh and it an really help a headache ,yes supplements are some what of a scam,however sometimes the placebo affect helps that’s all it is important sure maybe some even help due to our poor food sources

  16. Sarah, I am glad to hear that using pot has been such a harmless blessing for you. You should meet our beloved site mascot, Flick. You will have much in common. He also likes drug induced paranoia, being incarcerated for dealing weed, being homeless, living in a tent down by the river, and constant nasal infections and respiratory problem. Getting high on weed has caused him none of the above………

  17. Alasandra Rain is a fake and a liar,if you don’t agree with her way of things or buy her products she shuts your out, I bought her stuff once ,joined her forum ,which by the way there are alot of nice people ,when I made comments like these supplements are not helping ,or I’m not taking them and I’m doing fine .She doesn’t like that ,she uses words to make people afraid and scared .She looked tells people on her cite not to eat stuff like bananas ,or kale theses things are good for you.Shes got everyone on that cite scared shit less, and these poor people believe her .She makes it worse ,she blocked me from forum because what I was saying actually made some of them think hum why am I doing this it’s not helping ,she’s a scam a liar and a fraud and for sure she has,a cult like mentality like scientology. IF they don’t like what you say they shut you out ,I’m glad I caught on so quickly to her scam ,it just sucks that I can’t tell all these people more .Benzo withdraw is what it is there’s no short cure it’s all an individual process,mine is going pretty good I think .Some stories are absolute he’ll some are better it all just depends on your sisuation and it’s totally doable. Alasandra Rain is just out to make money she claims there no profit not ,she claims everyone there who works there are,alumi,or x users not the women I spoke with said no I was prescribed them but I never took benzos, great right liars I hope people read this and stay far away from them .Keep your money in your wallet say yourself time and hassle, just do it without any supplements ect ,I found the less you changed things dramatically the better. Thanks all good luck.

  18. Sarah
    Do not worry. I do not think Alessandra will be posting here anymore. Her fraudulent and harmful products have been exposed here. I am surprised Donna even engaged her in a discussion regarding supplements. It presumes supplements are real, helpful, and cause no harm-which is all false. This not mention they are a waste of money. Small time scam artists preying on the weak and vulnerable amongst us, this is unfortunate and constant.
    Ironically these scammers preach the evils of big pharma, yet it is the supplements industry that really needs to be exposed as a fraud that is causing great harm in our society.

  19. I worked with point of return almost 10 years ago. I did tons of research and made an “investigative report” of everything I found. I lost it some time back, but I could do the research again and write it up again if people are interested. Point of return is a cash machine for Scientology.

  20. Strict Vegans need B12 and possibly Vitamin D. People like White Knight and others know very little when it comes to human nutrition. I am a RD.

  21. Ellen, why take a jab at me? Are you a strict vegan? Any thing specific that lead you to this conclusion that I know little of human nutrition?
    Most people can get all the vitamin D they need from about 20 minutes exposure to the sun and do not require dangerously concentrated pills of a fat soluble vitamin. Many of these poor folks who think they need vitamin D pills develop a toxicity as calcium builds up in their blood. This is call hypercalcemia which causes nausea, vomiting, and in some cases serious kidney problems.
    In the U.K. The daily recommended Intake of B12 is 1.5 mcg. So a cup of fortified almond, soy, or coconut milk will have double what you might need for the day. Again, certainly no need need for costly vitamin pills of unknown quality and safety. Just intelligently consume wholesome fresh foods as part of a healthy balanced diet and tell the supplement pushers and snake oil salesmen to fuck themselves😀 Sorry girl, but the supplements industry is a giant scam!

  22. I became a member of POINT OF RETURN in 2010 when I was taking clonazepam and Paxil. I paid a ton of money for expensive supplements, special fiber and other “rare” products. None of them helped me in any way. POR claims they have a specialized program just for you. Instead, it is just a simple process where over a year’s time you decrease your dosage in tiny increments. Yes, they map this out for you, but you don’t need them to do this for you. Under the Point of Return guidance, I went down, down, down until I ended up in an ER suffering from intense anxiety, suicidal thoughts and deep depression. I could not work, I could not even drive myself to the ER. I was weak, suffering from chest pains, shivering with cold or overheated, no appetite, terrible bowel movements….all while taking the expensive supplements. THANK GOD THE ER doctor saved me! He put me back on the meds so I would stabilize. Then he hooked me up with a wonderful psychiatrist who helped me thru all the issues that were erupting with the withdrawal. POR dumped me flat when I reported my experience. I was banned from the forum by her evangelical Christian Bible thumping fanatics. Over 3 years, the psychiatrist helped me exorcise my repressed issues and slowly wean off the clonazepam. I still take the PAXIL. I am 66 years old and will take it the rest of my life if necessary. I am a very well balanced happy man. 1 pill a day along with a deep analysis of my inner issues helped me. The POR program did nothing. I spiraled downward into disaster on their program, ending up in an ER.

  23. There is an extreme likelihood that the POR supplements exasperated your WD related issues. We’re you taking B vitamins? The are the main ingredients in the stimulant drink 5 hour energy! B vitamins, when concentrated, effect us like powerful stimulant drugs. Hand tremors, facial ticks, increased anxiety, and insomnia are amongst report side effects.

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  25. If POR is a scam, then who out there is legit I’m professionally dealing with withdrawal
    from Benzos?
    Not looking for an MD, because I know their routine.
    Looking for someone who has personal experience in withdrawal from Ativan, and how they were successful. What supplements were recommended, and by whom?

  26. They supplements range from wasteful placebo to harmful poison. Nothing good to see there. I got off Ativan. It is wicked hard. Tried many supplements, and after much personal experience and study, found the supplements are not worth a shit! Much more harm than good.
    What helps is good wholesome fresh food, staying busy helping others, exercise, good sleep hygiene, and being with loved ones. Staying offline is also a good idea.

  27. the point of return program put me in touch with a good Doctor Armstrong who worked with them and he weened me of ativan with no problem in 8 Months, and I also used there supplement program and some things helped and some did not and I still use there tart cherry juice tablets which help me sleep.

  28. My friend committed suicide while on the program and taking the supplements. Ms. Rain calls herself an expert but she has a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Master’s in Fine Art. The only expert in the Field of the brain and how chemical’s react and neurotransmitter’s are Psychiatrist. That is why they have to go to Medical School longer than any other MD. She calls herself an expert because she has been in TV and in the media. Well, we all know TV and the media is a joke!! I was diagnosed Bipolar 1 when I was 15 and am now 47. I have tried to commit suicide and lived through it numerous times. I have been stable since 2011. I had to find the right Dr. and the right cocktail. I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Sociology. I Have a Master’s in Psychotherapy where I took numerous classes in psychopharmacology. Ms. Rain is using her book and program to make money. SHE IS NO EXPERT!!! I am also a certified paralegal and once the family settles down from this horrific tragedy that POR caused, there will be a lawsuit filed on behalf of the decedent and family for wrongful death. We will find the best Law firm to do this as this is an open and shut case! If you or anyone you know would like to be a part of the lawsuit then we could do a class action. We will win. POR and Ms. Rain and anyone associated with there scam will pay.

  29. Reading these comments reminds me why we live on large acreage, surrounded by wildlife and zero people. No wonder you did drugs and if I was in your shoes, I would just keep doing them.

  30. Stephanie,
    You are nothing more than a lowlife ambulance chaser looking to make a quick buck. Get a life you disgusting grifter.

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