Re: Reversal of gray hair?
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i have just a patch of gray where the injury in my brain seems to vibrate the most. i am determined to figure out how to reverse gray hair. i am looking into everything. i am grateful it’s only a patch that you can’t really see but i am so vain about it and i don’t feel like putting chemicals on my head anymore.

so far it’s a loss of copper and the body needs lots of copper for skin and pigment of hair. but not to have the brain have too much copper.
i also heard it was a hydroden peroxide issue and when we get to much hydrogen peroxide it bleaches the pigment. i also heard and read it was from the thyroid not functioning as it should so one needs to get that functioning better. but i bought lots of copper to spray into my hair and head and spray on my skin.

i had also read that the five tibetan rites help gray hair reverse. i will keep up my search, trials and tribulations. i would think that when the body it totally healthy, gut cleaned out, liver cleansed and purified, body has every mineral and antioxidant it needs and a mind that feels safe and relaxed–anything can be reversed.

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