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  1. JB,
    I’m glad I came across this site. It is quite amusing, to a point. I’m currently tapering off Benzos and it hasn’t been pleasant. But, perhaps, as a member of BB myself, I may have scared myself more than I should of. I’ve been on these damn things for 15 years. Prior to having a stress induced Panic attack, before being prescribed them, I never had the kind of anxiety I’ve experienced over the years, or the insomnia or the depression. I’m almost certain these issues arose after taking Benzos. I try limiting my exposure to BB, because I do feel overwhelmed when reading some of the posts. In all seriousness, I’d like your perspective. Where you on Benzos, how long, what kind of symptoms did you have, how long did it take you to taper, and how to feel now? Sleep, anxiety, depression, etc. I think I’ve definitely been scared into believing I’m going to experience PAWS. Sincerely C

  2. Ah, wait, i wonder if it’s because I wrote it externally and some weird formatting isn’t translating.. hmmmm. I’ll redo it natively and post it later, CE, as thhere was quite a lot to say. I think that may be the problem!

    Fucking Android OS strikes again lol!!

  3. Let me try this in short bursts..

    Withdrawn from 17 addictive substances in my life inc benzos. Never had PAWS. One year post-benzo-cessation, I feel fine, no PAWS at all.

    EXCEPT for in the eyes of many buddies.

    Savvy? More to follow later.

    They’d often put my headaches down to PAWS when I just had an alcohol hangover (but they didn’t know that).

    Also, insomnia / angry = PAWS in their eyes rather than me being stressed with benzobuddies.

    Savvy? More to follow.


    In very short words (it feels strange not being verbose).. PAWS is somethign that MAY, emphasis MAY affect lest than 0.1% of the 6% of the 15% that even get bzd withdrawals (that’s next-to-none, or close to one in a million). Yet, how many buddies claim to have it? Hmm.


  4. CA,

    Benzobuddies promote fear and pseudoscience, en-masse.

    See a properly trained medical professional who’ll tell you the truth abbout your symptoms. If you believe you’ll hhave Protracted Symptoms you almost certainly w1ill.

    The Placebo-effect is a powerful, powerful reality.

    You’ll be fine, my friend. Listen to the science, not conspiracy theorists at that forum.

    Good luck bud,

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