23 thoughts on “Brainwashed Ben rips anti-cult folk hero Mike59 in Tourette’s-like rant

  1. That’s because it IS Mike59’s fault that all of these innocent people have become drug addicts. If it weren’t for the existence of physicians, it would be exclusively the fault of Mike59 when considering all of the lives ruined from drug addiction.

    He buys narcotics and puts them in town water supplies. I saw him do it.

  2. So that’s why my home-made sweet tea makes me feel decent and less full of anxiety… DAMN YOU, MIKE59! DAMMMNNNNN YOUUUUUU!!!!!!!

    (But thanks for the buzz) 🙂

    Benny. Buddy. Compadre. Pal. Amigo. Boopsie….

    We’ve all been through benzo withdrawal, the folks who post here (to my knowledge, anyway… I don’t know all of ’em, but I’ve read their stories and/or talked to them). Some of us cold turkey. Me, for instance… hell of a ride. They should sell tickets for that.

    Suffice to say, you’re not alone in what you’ve gone through, and while you might not agree with how Mr. 59 puts things here, he’s not out to hurt anyone by pointing out ridiculous things that people believe when their brains are twisted. Of course you guys are going through a painful experience in life… WE KNOW. BEEN THERE, DONE THAT, GOT THE ASHTON MEDALLION (well, not me, but then I’m stubborn like that and actually listen to doctors instead of nutjobs). You can either listen to other people who are not currently taking stuff, people who ARE who realize that just because something that one intakes ends in “-pam” doesn’t make it evil and might actually be helpful, or you can listen to people who are just as temporarily psychotic as you are. I’d personally go with the first options and you know… doctors. We’re just assholes on the internet. Try not to boil any, Ashton True Believer. You’re gonna be ok, look back at this, and say “What the fuck was I talking about?!!” This shit passes, unless you’re meant to be on the stuff… either way, just trust the person who spent his parents’ money to try to keep you alive.

    He/she knows more than you do… accept that. 🙂

  3. wharfrat
    do you ever tire of kissing m59’s ass
    i bet your breath smells like shit (literally)
    both you and he are sick and need help
    you both have brain damage from your benzo usage
    get help before it is too late
    sick fuckers
    if you morons think benzos are so wonderful
    get back on the poisonous shit and get your brains re-addicted

  4. The only ass I shall kiss is yours, Snoopy… hate for the Red Baron to get dibs!

    Yeah, I still take benzos (Valium, to be specific), and you know what? I feel fine.

    They work for people who need them. I went cold turkey off of a small amount of xanax and had a rough time of it, but that was because I was drinking then in the evening (not at the same time as taking the pills, of course, but I also had a stressful time in my life… ever had one of those? They kind of suck.)

    I found help, you silly fucker. Benzos are not evil, but they certainly are not meant for everyone.

    I don’t know about you, but the “poison” seems to be keeping me functional… hell, I even write full sentences without trying to create an anti-medication rant with no punctuation as you tend to do.

    We’ve all been through it, the withdrawals. We just saw the light that most accredited doctors recognize… Ashton is a moronic old lady. If you’d like to suffer for a really long period of titration, have fun with that. Milk is a good thing, or so I’ve been told! Or, just do what the doctor says and live your life. Some need the stuff, and some don’t. You’ll figure it out. I’d suggest asking the advice of a physician who is more intelligent than the shit you read from other people who are out of their minds… but you won’t listen. Continue suffering, “moron.”

    By the way, 59’s ass smells like a light Chardonnay from 1983 vintage or so. I sniff it every day through technology that you will never have access to.

    Seriously, though, if you’re like this WITHOUT the pills, maybe you should re-evaluate your life and talk to a physician. Hell, would YOU tolerate someone talking to yourself like you’ve just done to me? (I know if someone came up to me on the street and said what you just said to my face, they would probably leave the encounter without one)… Gander a moment into the looking glass, Alice. You won’t… because you’ve got it all figured out, without even having a medical degree. Good for you!

    I can see that you are a completely balanced human, mentally-wise, because of your lack of pharmaceutical assistance. Good. Try not to shoot up any schools, now, OK? Leave those “sick” children alone, asshole. No one on this site has ever claimed that withdrawals don’t happen… it is just put out there that maybe some of you dinks might actually NEED the meds and by listening to fellow whack-jobs, might be capable of horrendous acts. I’m glad that yours is limited to typing cruel missives with a keyboard. 🙂

    Take care of yourself and don’t hurt anybody.

  5. Snoopy, please share your recipe for your great life!
    You seem to me to be some sort of foolish jerk. I happen to not use any mood altering drugs, but see you in a similar way as WR does. Why all the hate? Are you really sure your benzo use is the cause of all your problems? I suspect some thing else is in play with you. Try some honest self reflection. I can assure you that BB does not have all the answers.

  6. get a life White Knight
    why do you like hanging out with loser m59
    you sickos make me want to vomit
    BB helped to save my life you asshole
    i bet m59 is drinking and taking xanax again
    this nutjob is really sick
    i knew colin would never shutdown BB
    so m59 lost, hahaha
    i can’t believe this idiot maintains this stupid blog that no ones reads anymore
    have fun you ultimate losers

  7. Hey Snoop

    If your hate filled attacks are a result of BB “saving your life”, I think I will pass. Why the need for these ongoing personal and cowardly attacks? Have you been left unable to have a civil and honest discussion? Wow, you are a sad case for sure. You are rapidly becoming the poster child for the dire consequences of being a member of the BB cult.

    Good luck

  8. wharf rat
    the reason you are still on Valium is because the withdrawals kicked your ass
    and you can’t handle it
    admit it you coward
    these drugs are brain toxins
    they are almost impossible to stop taking after longterm use
    don’t give me stupid bullshit excuses about how harmless they are
    you are so stupid and gullible
    you can’t get off the poisonous shit yourself
    so you find lame excuses to stay on it
    you are nothing but a loud mouthed coward

  9. I think it takes some courage for a person to admit they have an anxiety problem, to seek professional help, and to follow the prescribed course of action.

    It also takes courage to stop taking an addictive substance when a medical doctor tells you need to do so.

    The obvious problem is when some kook on a cult website tells you “your doctor is killing you” and prescribed medicines are actually “poisons”. They use pseudo science and phoney anecdotal evidence in an attempt to brain wash a person into “cult think”.

    Be honest for a moment Snoop, if you can be, can’t you see what is going on before your eyes? Can you admit some people may need this class of drugs? Who are you to judge?

  10. @Snoopy, Snoppy or Snotty, depending on the day:

    Just be quiet, fool. I’ve been off and on those drugs more times than you can probably imagine, and manage just fine, but have no fear of admitting that they are helpful to me. I imagine that you enjoy the attention brought upon you by your tirades on this site… so this as far as my attention will go.

    Cheers, fuckbag. I will not try to help you… you’re simply not worth the effort. Talk all the crap you want. As the old guy in Cool Hand Luke once said, “Some men, you just can’t reach.” You, sir or madame, are that fucker. Enjoy your misery.

  11. wharfrat
    i don’t need your help you net idiot
    i am doing just fine and off this poisonous shit btw
    you are still on it because your brain is terribly addicted
    admit it
    you can dazzle some with your bullshit but not me
    pray your brain never becomes totally tolerant
    then you will sing a different tune
    ask your buddy m59 why he got off xanax unless he still takes this poison
    all is good in the beginning until the brain adapts to the drug
    then it becomes your worst nightmare as you go thru the hellish withdrawals
    why did you once try to come off and try to help others get off
    and now you are back on this shit
    it is because you could not take the withdrawals and caved
    have fun until valium decides to stop working in your brain fucktard

  12. The shit helps me. I’m sorry that it doesn’t help you (although from your comments, I imagine whatever you were one did more than you’re letting on, freako).

    I know withdrawals quite well.. did cold turkey off of xanax and valium MANY times. Wasn’t all that fun while raising two kids, but it worked out fine. I made the same mistake as you did, and looked online for help, when I should have just manned up and dealt with the chaos. Oops… I guess we’re both idiots. I’m just willing to admit it. I thought I was helping people on the forums, but I wasn’t. Difference is, I realize that fact. Grow up.

    This is last time I will respond to you, truthfully. Have fun being a fucking retard, or become something better. I don’t care about your obvious grudge against 59… it doesn’t matter. Live your life, or stop completely existing this second… I won’t really care. May the Red Baron have his way with you. 🙂

  13. you are a real idiot wharfrat
    I have observed you for years
    you talk a tough talk
    but your words are mere bullshit
    actions always speak louder than words
    you can’t get off the drugs because your brain is addicted
    plain and simple
    admit it failure
    how can I can come off and do fine and you can’t
    is your anxiety and life really that bad little bitch boy?
    huh? you need a drug to deal with life huh
    or do you have a brain chemistry imbalance problem LMAO
    you are a complete joke
    now you are helping m59 to harass others who choose to stop taking these psychotropic brain toxins
    since you can’t get off yourself, you want to criticize those of us who do
    you are a poor excuse for a human being
    have a miserable life hanging out with loser m59

  14. Perhaps people like you deserve to be “harassed”. I know, I know… I said I wasn’t going to respond to ya, but I started thinking about it… I’ve read your shit over the years as well under your various monikers, and your simplistic complaints of being “attacked” by 59 are very silly. You are a clown.

    I would never criticize a person for wanting to get off a drug. Sometimes they do need them. Sometimes they don’t. No person is the same.

    As for your judgement of my character, it really doesn’t matter. Your attempts at throwing straw men into the argument are not overlooked. Just shut the fuck up and live your life, if you are indeed doing so well. I come here less and less because of people like you. Once upon a time, when I was at BE, I actually worried about people like you… after a couple of years, I realized that your kind are meaningless. What’re you gonna do, say bad things? Oh no… the horror! I know that lives have technically been threatened by your kind. Those words are hollow. If you have any other communications or insults you wish to send my way, annoy me personally, not behind the cowardice of a keyboard. I’d enjoy that. You probably wouldn’t.

    I was once threatened by someone who shall remain unnamed that if I didn’t stop helping M59 keep this site up at the time, that a friend and client of mine would have his information put out there for others to use.

    I actually worried about that for a bit, but my client said to me “Well, who really gives a fuck about some fucked up idiots on the internet? Oh goodness… are they going to come and VISIT US? We’d slit their throats! They don’t matter.” He was right, but I was concerned at the time for his welfare, and after thinking about it, have come to realize one very important thing….

    He was right. You don’t matter. Enjoy not mattering. Go on with your fucking life. Or don’t. I’ll be here less and less anyway, as I have a life to live. You shitheads aren’t worth burning calories over. Believe it or not, I only post on sites like this to try and help folks… thanks to your goofy ass and your kindred spirits of lunacy, every day I care less. I’ll try not to reply to you any more. You’ll be fucked in the head whether I do or not. I sleep well at night knowing this.

  15. you are a joke wharfrat
    in many ways, you are worse than m59
    you were one of the biggest benzo forum whores on the net
    you and donna have done far more damage than m59
    hate is a strong word but I hate you two equally (much more than m59)
    you try and come off as a know it all smart ass but you are really stupid and of quite low intelligence
    you don”t sleep well at night unless you take your valium of course (lmao)
    how are you helping people by helping m59 attack people on this hate site
    hope you burn in hell one day you internet bully
    how many valiums have you taken today addict boy
    don’t worry
    you are a quart low on GABA
    and the valium corrects this brain neurochemistry imbalance
    listen to your pdoc
    you need valium for life
    i wish they would ban this shit so you could only take it for two weeks max
    i would love to see you squirm in withdrawal

  16. You are entertaining, Snoopy. I will apologize for my reactions to you, as there’s another condition that affects me the causes me to actually care enough to respond to you.

    I went through more withdrawals than your ilk are willing to deal with, and no titration was required… do you really think that your hollow words mean much? “Hope you burn in hell one day you internet bully”… Who have I bullied, really? I’m not wishing pain on you. I just don’t care if you’re alive or not. How have I ever “bullied” you or anyone, really? Name an instance, silly person. Quote me. I just call you an asshole and tell you to “go fuck yourself” because… well, read what you type. You make a better case against yourself than anything I could make up. Keep at it! You do my job for me.

    Get it figured, Chief…. I don’t go after you, but merely respond in kind. I don’t wish you any ill. Try talking like a normal person (whatever that is), and you might get a different response. Hell, I’m quite ok with a normal conversation, be it in Hell where you apparently wish me to go, or suffering and squirming through withdrawals, which I apparently can deal with better than you. Your turn, dickbag. Say something that isn’t a repeat of every other foolish thing you’ve said in the past. “Burn in hell” “idiot” “low intelligence” “i hope your liver fails” (that one was aimed at Mike when you said it)…. these are code words or phrases for “stupid.” I’ve a 150 IQ, dink. Let’s play. 🙂

  17. Hi Snoop

    May I suggest you speak with a doctor regarding some type of medication. You might actually might benefit from some type of doctor prescribed psychiatric medicine. Please take a long look in the mirror and be honest. You have so much hate inside you must admit there is something very wrong with you. Going through live harboring that kind of hatred is no way to live friend. Your attacks on others say more about you than you realize. You need to seek professional help, and not some kooks at BB!

    I hope you find some sort of peace.

  18. stfu white knight
    i am off all psych meds and doing fine now
    benzos whould only be prescribed short-term in all but the most dire
    i suppose wharfrat is dire bc he is still on the shit
    and can’t seem to come off

    the people who post on BBs are not kooks
    they just ban cooks and trolls like m59 and wharfrat you idiot
    i am glad i entertain you rat wharf
    i am sure the day will come again when you have to get off valium bc of tolerance
    then you will jump back on the anti benzo bandwagon
    you are a flip flopper
    you do whatever at the moment that suits your whim
    m59 is just pissed bc he is known all over the internet
    and is banned from benzo forums and groups forever

    so he decides to create a hate blog and attack others
    what a small man with an even smaller brain
    i hope this cocksucker burns in hell one day
    along with you and wharfrat and many others who
    condone what this troll does
    you don’t have a 150 IQ
    perhaps a -150 you dirtbag

  19. Now, see, Cartoon Dog Person? I invited you to converse in regular conversation, and you proved unfit. Pity.

    Your soundbites are old. I asked you questions as to who I’ve “bullied”, and all that I get in return is retarded haiku that has nothing to do with the query? Keep talkin’, silly…. you embarrass yourself and those on your “side” of things more than you realize, but if I thought you were cognizant of this, I wouldn’t even bother pointing it out to you. I know you don’t get it.

    Here, as my 4th of July (Yeah, yeah… it’s the 5th, deal with it) gift to you, I shall from now on reply to you in the same context as you do me, until you talk to me like a normal person. I won’t even curse you out. I never thought I’d come to this point in my life, but you are a person who four-letter words are wasted on! Congratulations, plebeian!

    im sure you are doing just fine
    i am proud of you
    i hope that you dwell in heaven soon
    with the angels that dont do drugs
    because drugs are bad
    as you were told
    by the angels in your head
    that might not be real
    i am glad that you are calling out
    this troll known as Mike59
    because you are saving
    by telling people to go
    to hell
    it is good that you
    are free of the evils of drugs
    thank you for helping
    understand the error of our ways
    we are banned from all benzo boards
    thanks to you and your warriors
    who are scared of
    even if were already there
    not me because I don’t care
    but hell is where I belong
    because I dont write
    things you like

  20. there is no heaven, no hell, no angels
    you dirtbag
    all living things, plants and animals, have a finite lifespan.
    we are born, we mature, we grow old, and at some point we all die
    i will not talk to you like a normal person
    bc you are not a normal person
    you are evil just like m59

  21. Well, thank God… at least I know now, thanks to your explanation, that Mike and I WON’T burn in Hell forever, as there isn’t one! Thank you for clarifying this… I think Mike was worried a bit. Thanks to your applied knowledge, we’ll all be safe. Thank you!

    Of course, I guess I have to throw this one out there for you, as your statement speaks as to you having atheist beliefs (although telling people that you hope that they burn in hell in almost every post might be a tad hypocritical… just sayin’ !) )… if there ARE indeed no Heaven or Hell, how do you know? Been to either of ’em?

    Nope. Figured you hadn’t. Let us all know when you get around to that, for otherwise, spouting statements like such:

    “there is no heaven, no hell, no angels
    you dirtbag
    all living things, plants and animals, have a finite lifespan.
    we are born, we mature, we grow old, and at some point we all die”

    are pretty naive unless you’ve got experience on the battlefield to KNOW that you are correct. I’m pretty sure you’re wrong, but won’t commit to telling YOU what awaits upon the end of our mortal coil, as neither of us have been there… who are WE to tell others what is coming?

    As I told my atheist roommate once, “Well, here’s the thing. I believe that some of what the Bible says might be true. You believe that scientists already have everything figured out, so that’s just that, even though those assholes only know what has been discovered SO FAR… they are not prognosticators. Merely Monday Morning Weathermen based on what some other smart guys said was true, often just to be disproven later. All I can say is this… if we both die right now, and YOU’RE right, I’ll cease to exist, right? What happens to YOU if I happen to be right?”

    He replied “Shit… I’d kind of be fucked!”

    As for your last broken up “ransom-note-like” paragraph, of course I’m not a normal human being… I am wasting my time talking to YOU, and most sane people would probably read what you type on here and say “Wow…. what an asshole! Whew…. I almost read that and lost part of my soul! I probably better play Angry Birds 12: Aviangeddon to cleanse my spirit!”

    You are not a normal human being, or you wouldn’t be posting shit here. I’m just saying… if you TRIED to write out a message explaining your feelings on the matters written here in normal text format, rather than Down’s Syndrome Haiku with lots of use of the words and phrases towards the reader such as “terrible”, “despicable”, “burn in hell” and like, someone might actually listen to ya, Corky.

    Of course, you probably won’t… I doubt that you are strong enough to actually articulate your thoughts without making idle wishes of doom upon people who disagree with your stance, which is dubious at best. Give it a shot. Prove me wrong. Just lay it out there. You can do it. Whether I agree or disagree, I promise to at least read it.

  22. “are pretty naive unless you’ve got experience on the battlefield to KNOW that you are correct. I’m pretty sure you’re wrong, but won’t commit to telling YOU what awaits upon the end of our mortal coil, as neither of us have been there… who are WE to tell others what is coming?”

    tell me then Mr. know it fucking all
    what awaits you after death
    i am all ears
    please enlighten me
    that is your biggest problem
    you talk about things you know very little about
    better to be silent and thought dumb
    than to speak and remove all doubt

  23. “tell me then Mr. know it fucking all
    what awaits you after death
    i am all ears
    please enlighten me”

    I can’t… we’re not dead yet. That was the point I was making, but you flew right past it and went immediately on the offensive. I expect no less from you. 🙂

    I do have a theory on what happens when a person dies, but it is only a theory, but I will happily explain it to ya… you know how when you are dreaming, time seems to run much slower than usual… in fact, it ceases to be a concept. In the dream state, you could witness an entire lifetime or more in a mere second by the calculations of someone who is awake. Hence, my line of thought has always been that, quite possibly, “Heaven” or “Hell” or whatever one believes in becomes their final dream. The person might be dead within moments, but if our concept of “time” is relative, that might just be how it happens. I’ll let you know when I get on with the whole “not being alive” thing… whenever you use a public toilet and water splashes up on your backside, that will be me saying hello. 🙂

    “that is your biggest problem
    you talk about things you know very little about”

    Oh, shut up… I don’t know what you talk about elsewhere (hopefully far less threats and wishes of doom on others, because if the way you speak on here is any indication of your basic personality, you’d probably have more “enemies” than I, including the Secret Service!), but in the end, any of us only have knowledge of situations we have personally been through, because that removes any variables. That’s part of the problem… just because perhaps YOU don’t need to be on a benzo, that is not the case with every other human being… results often vary.

    I know a lot about this particular subject, but everyone’s different. I just know that when about 10 of my friends and I were prescribed the substances that you guys claim are “evil”, whenever we were instructed to stop taking them, we cut doses over a week’s time, and were not experiencing fear of butter or any of that other fun stuff. We just went on with our lives. Every one of us… some went back on the drugs a year or two later, and some didn’t. We didn’t have “support groups”… we had common sense.

    Interesting how reading crazy talk from temporarily crazy people can fuel the belief that every moment one has that is uncomfortable can be blamed upon a Straw Man. Some people NEED to be on this shit… I know I do. I’ve been diagnosed as a very intelligent psychopath (a generally non-violent one, so don’t take “American Psycho” as a documentary), and the docs found that the reason I drank so much was to slow my brain down to prevent causing harm to others or myself. So, Valium works for me. I function and take care of my family. My more harsh responses to you on here are during times when I abstain from taking the medicine. I’d rather just be a nice person (well, as nice as I can get, anyway). 🙂

    “better to be silent and thought dumb
    than to speak and remove all doubt”

    You do realize the hypocrisy of speaking that statement (which is written incorrectly, but the spirit is there) while basically making an ass of yourself, correct? I guess I’m taking tips from the Master, because I couldn’t really give two tugs on a dead dog’s cock concerning your opinion of me, but understanding you might be interesting.

    You are a fine troll, Snoopster. I’m enjoying our time under the bridge together.

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