Where is KlonopinKills now?

5 thoughts on “Where is KlonopinKills now?

  1. What the hell? I could only stand about 4 minutes of this.
    What is really going on with this woman? If it is a physical condition, she needs a medical doctor, if it is a psychiatric condition, she need a psychiatrist- not an online cult filled with misinformation and psychogenic illness!
    She looked so good when she was traveling to hook up with Patrick and do all those “cute” you tube videos after they had “relations”.
    Sometimes I think a life of poor decisions can really adversely effect a person.

  2. Six days after she posted this video she was on a plane to klonopin kills’ house. I hate to say this, but I really believe now that she is faking most of her withdrawal. I hope I’m wrong. I hate to accuse someone of something they aren’t doing, but how can someone in such bad shape, so weak and unable to go to the bathroom, get herself together enough to board a plane and fly to another state. Funny how she’s so much better now that she’s with him.
    I sincerely hope she has not been faking all this time.

  3. She flew to KK’s house to go to a detox facility. She ended up going and got cold turkeyed and from what she has posted on BB got completely screwed and thrown into hell only to reinstate.

  4. I am afraid she is suffering a serious illness of the psychosomatic variety. I do not think hooking up with strange predatory men whilst trying to end her addiction to benzos is a good idea, but to each their own.

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