Cannabis users ‘have lungs of 80-year-olds’

Doctors warn people are turning up at A&E with new form of emphysema after using drug for less than ten years
  • Many, who are just in their 30s, are in need of long-term oxygen therapy
  • One patient in Bangor, north Wales, is now awaiting a lung transplant
  • Cannabis-tobacco mix damaging because often smoked without filter
  • Emphysema normally caused by tobacco and usually occurs late in life

Cannabis smokers in their 30s have lungs so badly damaged that they look like an 80 year old’s, doctors have warned. They say that young adults who have smoked cannabis for less than a decade are turning up at A&E with a severe, rapid and advanced form of the lung disease emphysema. Some are in their 30s and in some cases their lungs are so badly damaged that they are put on long-term oxygen therapy. One patient, studied in Ysbyty Gwynedd, a hospital in Bangor, north Wales, is waiting for a lung transplant, a British Thoracic Society conference heard.

Emphysema, in which the millions of tiny air sacs in the lungs are gradually damaged, is normally caused by tobacco and usually occurs late in life.

It is thought the cannabis-tobacco mixture found in joints is more damaging because they are often smoked without a filter. Cannabis smokers also tend to inhale for longer and much of the cannabis on sale today is much stronger than in the past.

Dr Damian Mckeon, a consultant in respiratory medicine at Ysbyty Gwynedd, who studied eight patients who had smoked at least five joints a day, said: ‘We are seeing young people on the wards with the lungs of 80 year olds after less than a decade of smoking cannabis and tobacco. Our study was in a rural region of North Wales but we believe these cases may represent the tip of the iceberg. Cannabis is far stronger these days and we are seeing the emergence of a new severe form of emphysema – which could lead to people struggling for breath for the rest of their life. We urgently need a detailed study across the UK which analyses the national picture of cannabis-use and lung disease.”

Dr Bernard Higgins, of the British Thoracic Society, said: “This study is yet another small but persuasive piece of a jigsaw pointing to a real danger of regularly smoking joints. The Government should monitor this emerging evidence carefully and take it into account when considering future drugs and smoking policy.”

10 thoughts on “Cannabis users ‘have lungs of 80-year-olds’

  1. I already knew Flick had the face of an 80 year old, but now I know he has the lungs to go with it, lol! Good for uncle Flickster. He always claimed weed was harmless and ignored by the police……
    I wonder what he is doing for income now the his weed business has been disrupted by law enforcement? Maybe he is living with some rats again!

  2. good thing one can vaporize or eat cannabis and then no lung problems I have great lungs and can hike and run for miles and dance for hours, which is pretty good for 64. good thing that pot prevents terrible diseases like alzheimers. better not to smoke it though it truly is bad for your lungs that way. but it is fine to enjoy all you want using other delivery methods.

  3. Flick, just continue to Devour, guzzle, and bathe in the shit! I wonder just how fuckin crazy a MF can get? Please keep us posted. Ever notice you are considerably more paranoid, anxious, and generally more confused than most of the people who are not pot heads? Of course not……no one can fool them selves like a drug addict!

    Weed does get people high but does not protect against any diseases, please do not kid yourself. It does cause many physical and mental illnesses. You recall you have had chronic sinus infections, non stop, ever since you started smokin weed, right? Let’s not list your mental problems here, but suffice to say weed has not been good for your mental health….if you deny weed has caused you mental illness, I will help you to remember, which I know is hard for you.

  4. I guess white knight is actually mikey59 right? the only one who posts on his own hate website lol the sinus infections were from living in a moldy house, they are gone now that I do not live there anymore lol

  5. Lol! Thanks Flick for unknowingly proving my point. You are the one and only person to ever suggest something so bat shit crazy- that Mike59 would want to create a “sock puppet” as you used to call them, on his own website!?!?!

    If that is not a marijuana induced paranoid delusion, I do not know what the heck you would call it. Flick, I have seen your posts online regarding your continuous sinus infection for many, many years, and it has stayed with you through numerous changes of address. It us fun to chat with you but please do not try and pull my leg like that again. Let’s be honest with each other so that others might benefit. People deserve to know the truth: that drug addiction, in all of its forms, can be devastating. You are living proof of this. I wish you the best.

  6. of course mikey has sock puppets on his own website no one else but he would think of posting here in defense of such a nutjob lol it has always been weird addressing mikey in all his silly guises though it is like talking to a shadow

  7. marijuana is not really a drug anyhow, it is a plant and it is not addicting at all anytime I have used it over a period of time and stopped, I never got any withdrawal symptoms at all by the way, I have not had any for a year now. I like it but can take it or leave it I am focusing more on meditation right now and less on getting high and going out dancing

  8. Flick, you are like benzo buddies as you help hurt people by spreading false information, like weed is harmless. You know better than most that smoking weed not only messes up your body and your brain, but can land your ass in jail! You also plant the seeds of paranoid delusions, like all your sock puppet nonsense. You are truly a malevolent force in the world that mascurades as a harmless hippie.

    I am glad to hear some good has come from your recent arrest and lengthy incarceration,. Your lack of access to weed in jail, followed by a court order to stay away from the illegal drug marijuana as a condition of parole I presume, is what has lead to your abstaining, right? Isn’t this more accurate than your ” you can take weed or leave it” story?

    There are dozens of like minded people who post here from time to time. I know many of them personally and none of them are “sock puppets” these are only your paranoid delusions from decades of illegal drug use, drug dealing, and hiding from the law.

    Why not go dancing sober?

  9. Flick

    I know this is hard for you to understand, but your whole plant = good, drug = bad idea is ridiculous! The Tobacco plant, for example, is toxic as hell but has some short term good things like it stimulant effect from nicotine. Your beloved marijuana is toxic as hell, more carcinogen than tobacco, but can cause intoxication from it’s THC content.

    Let’s face it, a very large percentage of the worlds drugs are derived from plants so let’s drop the silly and misleading nonsense, OK?

    It is my hope that more people will use relatively safe pharmaceuticals and less unsafe, unregulated, ineffective, overpriced herbal supplements.

  10. Flick,

    Whether a drug is physically addictive has little importance. If a person sniffs gas to get high, can they take solace in the fact they are not phycally addicted? Does this some how make the permanent brain damage seem OK?

    If an illegal drug used to escape reality, like marijuana, causes brain damage, mental illness like schizophrenia, lung disease and cancer, just to name a few side effects, and is only psychologically addictive, isn’t this bad enough? Please do you try and trivialize such serious consequences by mentioning a perceived lack of physical WD symptoms on your part.
    Flick, I am sorry to hear that your dependence on weed is so great, that you no longer feel capable of dancing with out the aid of your drug. How sad.
    A sober life should be a rich, full and happy life. Nothing more lonely, selfish and sad as a drug addict.

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