Cult abuse: Shocking photos of real life Benzo Buddies member’s home

The above photos are the result of years of cult abuse and brainwashing. All this person has done the last seven years ( ! ) is sit on Benzo Buddies tapering. Both site members, and moderators, have encouraged this person to remain at Benzo Buddies and NOT seek professional help. The member could have gone to a professional rebab/detox facility and successfully conquered their drug abuse/addiction problems in a weekend’s time (with some aftercare).
Please pray for them.

5 thoughts on “Cult abuse: Shocking photos of real life Benzo Buddies member’s home

  1. Seven years. Unbelievable. This is a truly such a sad tragedy. This is loss of life even though not in the suicide sense. This person definitely needs professional help as soon as possible.
    Does anyone know how to contact Adult Protective Services for this person? They are obviously not capable of taking care of their self.
    Mike, is there anyway you can find out?
    What will it take to shut that forum down??

  2. Mike, taper at all costs, and then what? You often end up with a person who is worse off the when the were on drugs. How sad for so many of these “buddies” to realize that all the pain and suffering they have endured during their cult prescribed taper was in vain. The whole taper turns out to be an exercise in futility so frequently, causing massive damage in these poor souls lives. For some the anguish, anxiety, and mental illness is so great, suicidal thoughts and actions can increase dramatically during and after completing the latest micro taper du jour.
    Will Colin ever wake up and smell the coffee? I, for one, think he is not capable of grasping this reality.

  3. oh my GOD. this pisses me off. it just goes to show how powerful mass psychogenic illness truly is. i haven’t been on this site in quite a while… but after frequenting it for about a year until about a year ago… i realized that (at least for me) ALL bz WD symptoms were psychosomatic as a result of BB. I re-instated on k-pins for about 3 months to help aid in easing myself through something else and after that was over with… (not saying I think this is what anyone else should do – I don’t) I just stopped taking the 1mg per day, while completely confident in the ideologies that this site surrounds (and then some)… and NO withdrawal. I didn’t even notice a symptom. This coming from someone in which BB had scared sick, literally, for months a couple of years back until this site made it loads better. This time it was non-existent.

    The degree in which this stuff is psychosomatic, although not to imply it will be the same for everyone as myself, is still phenomenal. Which means BB is the WORST thing anyone going through this could be cursed to stumble across.

    I feel like i can almost envision in my mind the type of horrific mentality that would correspond with the person’s life in which those photos belong to. I’m likely to be completely wrong or off-base but I have unwanted, hellish imagery in my mind.

    To anyone sitting on the fence… I am certain that this site is makes legitimate and important points against a very real threat to human life that I can’t see doing even close to the amount of benefit for anyone as it does detriment.

    I prayed for that person.

    ps. Obviously the hoarding could be unrelated to BB-disease… I sincerely, however, fucking doubt it.

  4. Theres a medical scientific difference between addiction and dependency. These meds create dependency without abuse, or addiction.
    Like this article implies. Many of us have went to detox centers without any knowledge of the groups and been severly harmed by rapid cessation of the medication. Its not in their head….its a biological scientific fact.
    That being said, group fear is no different than mass hysteria that causes large groups so trample people to death as they flee.

    They do not teach coping skills, positive thinking, or healing…..outside the “time heals mentality”, which leaves people feeling less empowered and helpless.
    That lack of hope creates a mentality where healing canmot take place.

  5. I can’t think of a single person who was permitted to stay at benzobuddies for long after they’d suggested that some people’s symptoms were POTENTIALLY caused by psychosomatic reasons. I’m not talking about those who directly claimed as such to troll, I’m talking about people who inocently wanted to expore that avenue as a possibility.

    I can remember people who were attacked, hounded and banned from the forum for starting a thread to explore this as a possibility, often led by 2 of the 3 [then] senior admins.

    Scientifically speaking, *and even according to Professor Ashton herself*, MOST of benzo withdrawal is psychosomatic once we withdraw below the threshold doses.

    Even when their exalted guru states as such, they simply do not want to believe it as it contradcts the forums’ narrative. Several people that were once alive are now dead, with benzobuddies rhetoric being a contributing factor in their suicides.

    Based on teir groupthink narrative, benzobuddies (the king of the ‘benzo community’) contains a great deal of activists who seek to ban ALL benzos, whilst completely ignoring that benzos are a critical drug that saves & improves the quality of a great deal of lives on a daily basis.

    It’s a online cult. It’s not hard to determine this from the known facts. Whatever this CoM blog is or isn’t does not change what benzobuddies demonstrably is.

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