One thought on “Prettydaisys goes to Sybil Brand

  1. Prettydaisies storie is interesting. To me it is strange that the idea that the brain damage that is caused by years of drug use/abuse can be corrected by discontinuing the drugs. This is the big lie the is told over and over at these benzo cult sites. The result is confusion, anger, and often a hopeless depression when the recovering addict finds that the reality is some brain damage is permanent.

    People can and do recover. Some go on to live happy, healthy productive lives, in spite of years of brain damaging drug use and abuse. Why continue the misleading lies about brain damage being reversed?
    The more drugs you use and the longer you use them, the more profound the permanent damage.

    It is fair to mention that not all ones problems arise from drug use. Many people have pre existing problems that drug use can alleviate in the short term and potentially make even worse in the long term.
    It is possible that a person could have pre existing and drug induced issues so great that a successful prescription drug discontinuation may be unlikely. It may be a harmful and dangerous lie to tell any person who logs on to a benzo w/d site that if you just slowly taper your drugs you will be fine. This may lead to suicidal thoughts and actions.

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