5 thoughts on “What happened to Traumatized80?

  1. At first I was thinking.. god no.. somebody please tell me this post is a parody?

    They can’t seriously be for real with all those symptoms? I’d think this has to be a joke, but the bb admin is supporting it claiming much the same?

    What the…?

  2. Christ, she seriously needs a psychiatrist, counsellor or time in hospital, not other mad cows leading her to the slaughterhouse 17 months out!

    Circa 60 years of their existence, hundreds of scientific studies, tens of millions of users quitting just fine, and all we really have to contradict that is a small percentage of already hypochondriac / mentally ill people collated in one place validating each other, and literally doctoring each other into oblivion, sustained addiction and suicide?

    I have to atone for being a part of that!

  3. And it seems on closer inspection even ashton states the last few mgs of withdrawal is mostly psychological and can be stopped below 5mg.. which begs why that gets totally ignored and long microtapers promoted, *if* she is “the world’s foremost expert on benzodiazepine withdrawal” (which is highly questionable).

    Something tells me the ashton manual is cherry-picked and bbs is a platform for anti-doctor/pharma/psychiatry doublespeak!

    “We’re not anti doctor”.. “we’re not giving medical advice”.. “always follow doctors adivce”.. yeah right.

    Are they reading the same admins posts that I’m reading?

  4. ^^ I’d never seen that whole post until now.. so allow me to parody the sentiment behind it..

    Here goes (and remember folks, it’s just a parodical take on benzobuddies disclaimers, not realworld views):

    1) We’re not an anti semetic forum, we just hate on Jews 24/7.

    2) We’re not mysoginistic, we just find females to be useless fuckin broads.

    3) We’re not racist, we just can’t stand blacks.

    4) We’re not anti American, we just support those who are anti American.

    5) We don’t bash doctors, we just think they’re all stupid, in a conspiracy & not caring of us.

    6) We’re not a scientology front, we never use double-speak like they do.

    7) We support freedom of speech provided you use it to hate the same medical groups we do.

    8) We advise seeing a doctor for tapering advice, except this whole forum knows better hence its creation.

    9) We provide a supportive environment, unless you’re too smart for us then we’ll allow your harassment.

    10) We think we’re an elite group of superbrains even though we’re scientifically wrong.

    “We’re benzobuddies, honest we’re not an online cult or hate group that gives shelter to stalkers, we’re a peer-support group that just wants big pharma closed down and all licensed prescribers to do what WE say… because we know better than they do!”


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