2 thoughts on “#MedicatedAndMighty

  1. How about #drunkanddelusional?

    Want to make yourself sick? Google medicated and mighty Instagram. You will see hundreds of pictures of pill popping, weed smoking, sick looking sorry ass people! I have never had depression, but seeing these folks is so sad, it is really depressing. What is this world coming to? Proud addicts unite?

    Last I checked, taking a pill can not fix a shitty life and drug addiction and dependency are nothing to brag about.

  2. So let me get this straight White Knight… It’s bad to take psych drugs but it’s also crazy to visit websites that are intended for people who want to stop taking psych meds? That makes no sense. Is your position that anyone who turns to psychiatry in a time of despair is weak and therefore even when someone tries to stop and fails they deserve it for taking the med to begin with? Because that position is pretty twisted.

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