Facebook anti-psychiatry movement called trainwreck full of psychopaths

A few recent Facebook comments on the movement :

“A few weeks ago I removed myself from almost all groups regarding this so called movement. It is clear to me that there are real psychopaths that look to cause trouble and chaos for us. Not only that but there is too much division to begin with.”

“You are so VERY correct and, ironically, I’ve thought the same many times. With so many factions in the movement, it’s like inbreds fighting all the time and constantly jockeying for position and notoriety.”

“I hope we can all figure out a way to stop this. Some of the attackers are being paid, but most are just really nasty people. People are being driven out of the movement, and our movement just can’t function with this going on. THIS HAS TO BE STOPPED.”

2 thoughts on “Facebook anti-psychiatry movement called trainwreck full of psychopaths

  1. Ahh, yes the facebook groups! I used to be an admin. I went through multiple times in rehabs and psych wards because I was so physically dependent on benzos that it was such a horrible experience. I go into these groups and at first I think they are helpful. Me, learning everything there is about the syndrome studied hard in hopes to get well again. What made me more sick was these so called anonymous (not quite when they gossip all over the internet) benzo withdrawal F***’s! You are better off going it on your own or just get the information you need and jet the F*** out of there. They are cruel people. So I would beg to ask the question to these attention seeking people. Are monsters born, or made? For the 10 percent who are good people, this is not directed at you. Putting my name out publicly, and do feel free to delete me on fb! My wall is pretty much public. Don’t check it much, but I will retaliate with good cause! One of the realist, JEAN M. BAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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