Benzo Buddies member admits site anti-psychiatry (like Scientology)

“Well I said I wasn’t going to come here again but this comparison to Scientology I can’t seem to let go because it’s just not the same. CCHR may be a Scientologist organization, but BB is not.

“You can be a member of BB and not be anti psychiatry. But you can also be critical of psychiatry and not a Scientologist.

“There is a difference. Sorry but that is fact. You can leave BB without your life being threatened or destroyed. You also can have whatever faith you belong to on BB- Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Atheist, etc.

“Also Scientologists seem to be anti psychiatry for the sake of it, BB members are usually anti psychiatry because they have suffered at the hands of the profession.”  – Angela, Benzo Buddies member

No, Benzo Buddies is not a Scientology organization – per se. I never said it was. I said Benzo Buddies promotes many of the same ideas / conspiracy theories regarding psychiatry. Over the past several years, hundreds of members have posted CCHR propaganda at the site. Despite official denials, Benzo Buddies is an anti-psychiatry and anti-psychiatric medications site. Benzo Buddies is riddled with Scientology-sympathizers. All of that, and more, makes Benzo Buddies function as a Scientology agent of influence. 

This following is from the Benzo Buddies Rules and Guidelines: 

“Although we are not ‘an anti-benzo website’, we are dedicated to help those who wish to quit benzodiazepines. We therefore require that you do not promote the use of benzodiazepines within the BenzoBuddies community, as this would be contrary to our Mission Statement.”

If a member insists benzodiazepines have helped them that member is usually banned, after being harassed by the staff and members.

The basic ideas of Benzo Buddies are:

  1. benzodiazepines are evil
  2. doctors / psychiatrists are not educated i.e. benzo wise, we – the “accidental addicts” – know more
  3. psychiatrists are witch doctors, there is no such thing as mental illness
  4. detox doesn’t work 

Members are routinely warned away from psychiatric medication and told all of their health symptoms are merely drug withdrawal. This is both dangerous and irresponsible.

I am happy people are not murdered for wanting to leave Benzo Buddies and that other faiths, beside Ashton worship, are allowed. That’s progress and people can thank me for that. 

You’ve admitted Benzo Buddies is an anti-psychiatry site. And that is exactly why I insist Benzo Buddies is no different than Scientology – when it comes to being anti-psychiatry. You’ve also retailed one of the craziest conspiracy theories I’ve ever heard: medical doctors are out to hurt their patients. 

While Benzo Buddies does not have a shrine devoted to L. Ron Hubbard, at their site, they might as well have one as Hubbard’s disgusting ideas about psychiatry and psychiatric medication are worshiped there.

6 thoughts on “Benzo Buddies member admits site anti-psychiatry (like Scientology)

  1. I havent admitted that the entire site is antipsychiatry. Only some members. Thats twisting my words to fit your agenda, which i guess makes sense from someone whose sole mission in life is to take down a website he has some misguided vendetta against.

    Also, nobody has you to thank for BB not being like Scientology. It is a website, not an ideology. I do not understand why you cant wrap your brain around the fact that any forum will have people with all sorts of different points of view.

  2. I will admit my sentence should have read: “the benzobuddies members who are antipsychiatry are usually antipsychiatry because..” But i didnt think i needed to because, taken in the context of my other comments, you know that ive stated time and again that numerous beliefs exist on BB. Some people continue to stay on antidepressants. Some people never had a psychiatric problem to begin with and were prescribed benzos for things like insomnia or chronic pain, etc..

    Also I have never once said that doctors, or even psychiatrists, are “out to get people.”

    I find it fascinating that, coming from someone who has had to deal with medical malpractice, you seem to worship all doctors. Unless youre a doctor and someone sued you, but thats not what your comment seemed to imply. In any event, being vigilant about receiving the best care possible from one’s doctor or being a little leery of a treatment plan doesnt seem unreasonable to me. It does not mean I think all doctors are out to get people. It does not mean those within the benzo community necessarily feel that way.

  3. People who have been helped by psychiatry are not banned. If a site is there to help support someone who has decided to wean off a benzo, i can understand why people saying “wow, my benzo is amazing and really helps me” would be frowned upon- medical advice is frowned upon too so telling someone to stay on a medication, which would be considered advice of the medical variety, would be against the site’s rules.

    The site is a place for people to vent their frustrations. Many people there (thought not all) have had bad experiences with doctors. Why is telling a personal story about mistreatment considered doctor bashing? You speak in so many generalizations here.

  4. I haven’t read all the posts ever in BB. Especially those dating back to 10 years ago. I don’t think comments about people getting the electric chair are appropriate, no. I don’t know why the comment is still up. But there are also so many kind people, who just want to find support, and who do support each other on BB, who don’t say that type of stuff. Bad comments happen anywhere and everywhere… Reddit,4chan,MOC, you name it.
    Their are entire sites devoted to threatening and harassing women. There are revenge porn sites. There’s a lot of foul places on the internet. You have chosen a place that actually has helped people to attack because you seem to think no doctor ever can do any wrong. I find your choice puzzling when there are so many other fish to fry in this world.

    Attack the racist, Islamaphobic comments on the internet, the mysoginistic comments, the trolls… Those people need it far more than BB.

  5. All my comments are awaiting moderation it seems. I have no love for profit driven big pharma. Google pharma bro or any class action lawsuit against any pharmaceutical company and you’ll see that pharma companies aren’t filled with little angels… But I recognize the need for pharmaceuticals in the development of treating and potentially curing disease, such as cancer, I just think the profit motive is despicable when lives are on the line.

    BB might need more moderators to stop general anti-doctor comments. I have, though, on several occasions seen those comments get deleted and moderated so your characterization is not entirely true.

    It never “impossible” for someone to be demented so I’m not really sure how to answer that question… It’s not impossible for you to be demented. I’ve been told a few things about you that could make many people think you’re demented but I’m not going to post those things on your site.

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