5 thoughts on “Benzo Buddies staff terrorizing members?

  1. Benzo buddies is a joke the administrators favor posters over others . I fuckin hate that site I hope all the mods choke on a pill fuckin ass holes

  2. The mods at BB are sadistic, terrorizing monsters. They are in lock step with Colin, and the Cults anti doctor dogma. Bastards!

  3. You are all assholes. M59 will lead you all straight to hell. Do not listen to this madman. You have been warned.

  4. Lol! Typical benzo buddies mod! Full of hate, fear, and incapable of independent thought. Colin’s sheep, if you will, with a penchant for throwing their weight around with the mentally ill members. They seem to thrive on squashing anyone one who dares to question the cults dogma-they are kinda sick, huh?
    These mods are already in hell, and are unlikely to escape anytime soon……

  5. Mike,
    I must admit that it is shocking how messed up this another buddy person is. I mean I can see he is afraid of you and your site, but why not take a deep breath and try have a decent and civil conversation? Maybe he could try and thoughtfully express ideas and see how they stand up, like others from BB seem to be able to do sometimes. Instead, his posts make him sound like he just escaped from a psych ward and is an extreme danger to himself and others!

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