Mind Control 101: “No one understands us”

A cult danger sign: A belief that only those in the cult, or sympathetic benzo wise doctors, can possible understand them.


drs don't understand and won't help, going batshit crazy
« on: December 30, 2015, 02:24:03 pm »


wasn’t sure where to post this as this is a rant and me going batshit crazy lol. I’ve seen like 3 different doctors. I’ve told them about the ashton method. And showed them papers and stuff. It’s like all these dr offices for the longest time writing scripts left and right giving me these meds and now they are not wanting to do that. I wanted to do the diazepam thing, but no doctor will support it. I’m gonna call the one doctor again. And there’s this place called monarch/pathways and I may schedule an appointment with them. But yeah all these doctors want to give me TRAZADONE. That’s all they want to give me. I’ve heard about it. Not quite sure what kind of med it is. I’m thinking it’s an antidepressant? I’m not a fan of antidepressants and my family doesn’t support it. But might try it anyways. I may do a taper method with my temazepam that I have where maybe I don’t take it one day a week and stay like that for a week or two and just go from there. just kind of lost. starting to feel there is no hope for me. I wanted to ask the dr I saw yesterday if I can just stop taking temazepam and use the trazadone? She has yet to call me back. Can anyone relate? Tell me what you know about trazadone? Your experiences? Your opinions?

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