Kooky Monday: Ashton tapers cause Angelina Jolie lizard hands?

Is this vain?
« on: January 04, 2016, 10:05:44 pm »


Approaching 23 months i realized…my hands are veiny 90 yr old hands. The blue veins are so prominent and stick out. Will this be permanent?? My mind is telling me yes. I only have Angelina Jolie as reference. Beautiful face but awfully veiny man hands. Didn’t she use to abuse drugs? She must have those hands from a drug withdrawal.

This post is very superficial but i want to give hope to those suffering still that the acute does end and you are able to focus on ‘other’ things when the worst is over. For me at the present moment, its my appearance becus i am still very socially awkward and being aware of how my body has changed makes me uncomfortable.

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