Brainwashed member begs cult for permission to take antibiotics after chopping top of finger off

Are antibiotics ok while still in WD?
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Ok so i got the Wifey a nice set of super sharp scanpan knives for Xmas and after warning her for 2 weeks to be careful with them i literally chopped the tip of my finger off. I have been given antibiotics by the doc (cephalexin) and due too my complete distrust and vote of no confidence in doctors anymore am reluctant to take them. Its a nasty wound and i probably should.

Anyone have any advice ??

Thanks buddies

Re: Are antibiotics ok while still in WD?
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Hi […],
I needed 2 courses of Keflex in withdrawals & had no adverse effects. I did load up on probioticcs to balance the gut flora.

For me, Cipro was the only AB that caused major mayhem & I will avoid all fluroquinolones in future.

Re: Are antibiotics ok while still in WD?
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Cephalexin is a cephalosporin, you should be fine. Like with most antibiotics you might feel a bit sick for a while if you have many gram negative bacteria living in your body. These release a toxic lipopolysaccharide (LPS) when they die which then cause an increase in cytokines etc. Also called a herxheimer reaction.

Antibiotics of the fluoroquinolone class however should be avoided at any cost, they inhibit benzodiazepine receptor binding so directly compete with your benzo. Not only that, fluoroquinolones are extremely toxic to your nervous system and mitochondria, the FDA has issued 3(!) black box warnings for this type of antibiotics. I don’t understand why they are not pulled off the market yet.

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