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Re: How Attempts to Distance from the Term Addiction Can Result in Harm
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You know I think everyone needs to keep these three points in mind before they engage with […] any further:

1. She has repeatedly stated she is well.
2. She has repeatedly stated she joined this forum because she believed that healed people were few and far between and she therefore had something to offer.
2. She has repeatedly stated she is writing a book on this very topic.

Therefore, the following conclusions can only be arrived at:

Everything she does and says on this forum is for the purposes of her book. She has made it abundantly clear that she doesn’t care what anyone else’s personal experiences are as long as they don’t align with her thoughts, beliefs and experiences. We are all just a means to an end.

People who are well get on with their lives, they don’t join a forum AFTER they are well. This forum’s primary purpose is for support getting off. Yes a whole lot of other things too.

She is by no means an expert and the advice she is so freely dolling out is not only toxic to me but toxic to everyone else. When she asks questions about you, she isn’t doing it to help you, she is doing it for her book. Opening yourself up to this will prove to be very damaging when you don’t know it’s her motive. She doesn’t care about you that is clear.

So please everyone for your sake stop engaging with her and her nonsense!!

PS – based on everything she has divulged, I question whether or not she ever had a problem with Benzo’s or Opiates to begin with.
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