50 doctors + 40 hospital trips = joins online cult

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Please! Does anyone else have this?  I feel like I’m being electricuted and burned ALIVE! It won’t let up… I feel the burning sizzling electricity radiating off my body. It goes feom this to extreme fiberglass itching. I LITERALLY feel like I’m being burnt alive by an electeuc fence. It hurts so badly! !!!! My brain buzzes abd sizzles.. I’m losing my will to live! I’m so ill! I’ve seen 50 drs..went to the hospital over 40 times… please don’t tell me to seek help!

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  1. Kristina, you really need to stop diagnosing people. Just because you have it does not mean these people do. It could be a number of things, psychicatric illness, or something else. Correlation does not equal causation. You want them to stop harassing you, stop getting involved in this and just focus on your shit. People support you and what you’re going through but move past this bullshit. BTW your videos are too long and you need to focus on other things besides your face if you ever want a movie done. No one watches a movie of someone just talking for two hours straight. Show more, show your hospitals, talk to your doctors, show where you live, show the life around you you’re missing out on. This is not a judgement but a suggestion to make your story more approachable. That’s all, take care and get better.

  2. First off floomflop who says I diagnosed anyone?!!!! I was just saying those are classic lyme, mold or coinfection symptoms, I know many people who had Lyme express itself because they tapered the drug and it stirred up their immune system. They were FINE on the drug living their lives normally until they decided to taper off. Anything that effects the nervous system can stir up autoimmune disease and it doesn’t matter what autoimmune it is whether its Lyme, Candida, Bartonella, Parasites..all the same bs. The reason people have issues is because they are poor methylators and have gut issues. Everything stems in the gut. I’m not shooting my documentary anymore I’m so sick I can’t even do it. The videos I post on youtube are for youtube only not a documentary. The videos I post on my facebook are not for a documentary. If my videos are too long don’t watch them plain and simple. I have been focusing on myself as I have gotten extremely sicker. I do not care to film my Dr as he does not care to be filmed in the first place, I don’t care to show where I live…right now I am barely living moment to moment blacking out and seizuring and living alone. It is extremely hard and I do not know how I live through each and every day.

  3. Kristina

    I hope you feel better soon. Do as many videos as you like, in what ever style you like. I think your story needs to be told. You need any good help you might find from any source you can find.
    I am sure you are keeping good notes on what treatments have actually helped, or harmed you. Sharing a list of true and false treatments would benefit many people. At some point i hope your days are filled with activities that allow you persevere and or recover.


  4. Surely you can ask a more interesting question. Floom flop, what is new with you and how are you doing these days? Kristina’s situation is interesting, I really hope for a positive resolution. I think the work Mike is doing here is worthwhile. This site has done a lot to change the online benzo community for the better. I like to throw my two cents worth in here and there. I like to combat hate, fear, ignorance, and harmful cults when I can?

  5. There are 2 extremes of thought here, one being “all of my problems are caused by drugs” the other is ” none of my problems are related to my drug use”. Both positions are silly and cause a person to close their mind to the truth. Of course the answers are found in between the two extremes for those who can open their minds and search honestly. This is a difficult task that requires humility and insight. Good luck to all those still suffering.

  6. Mike59 has done nothing worthwhile since he started this vile website. What work, are you that stupid white knight? Quit drinking the mike59 kool-aid. Mike59 is a vindictive evil little cretin who lives a miserable lonely life. He will also die miserable and lonely.

  7. Unsubstantiated accusations and name calling are not productive. If you really have a specific thing you think Mike is wrong about, and can explain why, that would be interesting. If you could offer up your alternative to his perspectives on benzo WD groups, this could helpful to many of us.

  8. You tell me WK what is good about what m59 does here? What purpose does this website serve except to bash and ridicule those have have been made sick and sicker from the use of Rx drugs that were designed to be taken on a short-term rather than a long-term basis.

  9. A professional mental health person is who got me so sick. Colin and BenzoBuddies are a godsend to many. Please quit all the lies and personal attacks Mike59. Psychiatrists want you addicted to their chemical brain toxins so they can have patients for life.

  10. Hey Mod
    What was your initial diagnosis? Are you able to get any addition professional help with your illness?

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