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I am in a predicament
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Hi guys

So I am up to 11% on my taper, still having withdrawal such as anxiety, paranoia and obsessive thoughts.

My gp has signed me off work and will not sign me back on until he is assured that my symptoms are under control.

Work are making noises about me returning to work or be dismissed under health grounds

I am a member of the union and am waiting for them to call me back to advise

All of this is just making me feel worse and constantly increasing my anxiety

I feel under pressure to go back even though I know I’m not ready, I have a very stressful job and at the moment I struggle to cope with normal day to day stresses.

Any idea how I can go forward and stop worrying so much about losing my job

Many thanks

Re: I am in a predicament
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I understand your condition as well. I have experienced it myself. I almost fainted when my manager called me for some regular scrum meeting. He obviously was curious with my condition and I was marked as ‘sick person’ by team. Since I cannot maintain my job at that time, I decided to resign, unfortunately.

Sorry that I don’t have any idea what’s the best for your situation. But if I you still can maintain your anxiety at working place, I suggest you to prepare some countermeasure when you are in anxious condition.

In my case, my pdoc suggest me to prepare some plastic or paper bag in case of sudden panic or anxiety attack. I asked to breath from that bag so I can obtain more Co2 to avoid hyperventilation.

My I ask when you drink your medicine daily? Since I move to my new environment, I decide to let myself suffer at night rather than at working place, so I move my medicine intake time at morning before going to work, later cut it into 2, and divide it for morning intake and night intake.

Wish you get better soon.

Re: I am in a predicament
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I had a very similar situation and had to end up signing off from work, due to my benzo/other psych drugs problems. But they were very nice and gave me 5 years of my full salary. Now I am ready and willing to work outside of my home, but it has been very difficult for me to find a job, as I am not young. There’s an old NA motto that I go by to get rid of any anxiety: You can’t change other people. You can only change yourself. AKA the ball is in their court right now. So pls try not to future trip. Also, the lower the dose you are on the smaller the cuts have to be. I think, right now, you may want to slow down a bit or try liquid titration.


Re: I am in a predicament
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I assume you’re in the US since you mentioned a union. Did you formally go on fmla? Under that you are protected from being fired. They have to give you a job back, it just doesn’t have to be the job that you had. That’s what you need to decide on. Can you handle giving up your current job? You can’t blame an employer if they need to backfill your position if you have been out for some time. Is there a way to negotiate with them? Maybe work half time or work from home? I have a very stressful job too but I was counseled to try the up front approach with my managers to work out a solution that worked for them and me. Everything worked out well in the end.

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