Cult ghouls devote entire Benzo Buddies thread to talking someone out of going to hospital

Thinking of going to detox
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Has anyone done this? any and all comments are welcome.

Lots of people here have tried this, with disastrous results in most cases. I wouldn’t trust this place at all, frankly, because benzo withdrawal/healing (long and slow) and alcohol/hard drug withdrawal/healing (faster and more direct) are nothing alike, and almost all “detox” places are designed for the latter, not the former- no matter what their advertising says. These are money making businesses.

I had a dreadful experience which I wouldn’t recommend to anyone.
  • You are immediately c/t’d off benzos. There is no taper. It’s a cold turkey.
  • You stay in the hospital or facility several days to a few weeks – far less time than is required for healing after a benzo c/t.
  • You are sent home with severe, often unbearable symptoms. In my case, the symptoms were so awful they led to an eventual reinstatement and kindling.
  • There is no follow-up. And for this, you pay many thousands of dollars.
A cold turkey detox can be horrific. I have done three. between them I have had 17 rides in ambulances, 16 in patient psychiatric stays, 1 ride in life flight, dozens of trips to the ER, days in the ICU,

two police rides shackled with leather belts.

I have over 3/4 of a million in doctor bills. Prior to my first detox I had never been to the ER. I had never been in the hospital. I had never had a psychiatric stay, and I had never been in a police car. Stopping suddenly is serious business.

Most of the time a benzo detox is junk.

The place I went to in Houston is called Memorial Hermann PaRC. They cold turkey detoxed me off of Klonopin and it was brutal–extreme anxiety, insomnia, hallucinations, balance issues, lots of physical symptoms and more. They were not benzo savy at all. I was given a different drug cocktail but everyone there attended the same AA based classes everyday. They thought I was being whiny because I felt so bad and wasn’t doing better after a week like all the alcohol patients were. I would never recommend it for benzo withdrawal. They kicked me out after five weeks because my insurance stopped paying. They even cleared me to go back to work immediately. It was extremely rough and only by the grace of God was I able to go back to work and fake my way through each day. Nine months later I’m still having lots of issues with anxiety, depression, cog fog, memory loss, etc…

Don’t do it if you can avoid it!

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