Benzo Buddies anti-psychiatry freaks see doctors as inhuman monsters to be avoided

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I stay away from all doctors, occasionally I have to see a urologist for UTI. Doctors, did me more harm than good. They were convinced my pain was due to my gallbladder, and removed my gallbladder and my gallbladder was healthy. Then they diagnosed me with Obstructed Defecation Syndrome, because I lost the sensation to sense a bowel movement, they recommended surgery. I then discovered BB and realized all my weird sxs were due to z-drug WD.

During tolerance WD, my out of pocket medical expenses were $62,000. So I saw a total of 14 specialists during my 3 years of being on ambien and NOT one was aware of adverse affects of ambien nor tolerance WD. I was prescribed 20 different drugs (xanax, cipro, elavil, etc) I read my medical records, they wrote me up like a “nut” case.

You want to trust your health and body to your doctor, go ahead. I’ll pass.

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