40 years of benzos… for PMS?

40 plus yrs. on Benzos Cold Turkey in June 2015
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Greetings from Southern California… I found Benzo Buddies 2 months ago and decided to join today. I chose this screen name as after using Benzos for 40 plus years, I do feel it may be part of my DNA. (lol)…At age 17 I was prescribed valium 5mg for PMS (the medical field had no idea what PMS was in the early 70’s). Then at age 22 I was prescribed Xanax 0.5mg 3x daily. (I was told I would love this new drug as it was NON ADDICTIVE). Fast forward to age 35 a new MD. prescribed a better ( NON ADDICTIVE DRUG) Ativan 2mg 4x daily. Sold down the river without GOOGLE. And for the past 12 years I have used Klonopin 8 to 10 mgs a day (this was a prescription.) However… In June of 2015 I went COLD TURKEY. So I am 8 months FREE.
I hope I can give to this forum what it’s given me. So happy to have found you all !!!

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