Kooky Monday: Big Pharma creating zombie slave population

i wouldn't put it past Big Pharma to do this...
« on: March 05, 2016, 09:14:13 am »


i just read someone writing about the chemtrails and this person said:

if i were a conspiracy theorist i would suspect that Big Pharma maybe paying the Government to drop harmful disease causing agents on the population so that they can sell their vaccines, drugs and fill their hospitals…and their graveyards.

Curiously the chemtrail program does look like a method of generating mandatory euthanasia by ensuring that people will die younger and not use up their social security and medicare, etc…

from what they put in chemtrails and the fact that they are sprayed over populated areas, it stands to reason that they are using geo-engineering as a cover up to the real goal of bio-engineering a more youthful zombie slave population.

it’s time to wake us all up here on Earth because it’s getting hard to breathe!

Re: i wouldn't put it past Big Pharma to do this...
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I know all about chemtrails and I think we are being sprayed by drones…..Being poisoned in yet another way.

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