Ashton damaged kooks try transcranial magnetic stimulation

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
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It’s generally indicated for depression, but there is emerging evidence that it may help with anxiety.

Anyone on here experimented with it for treating post withdrawal anxiety?

Re: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
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Not for treating anxiety, but many years ago i agreed to participate in a clinical research study as a “test subject” where i received transcranial magnetic stimulation. I realize that each stimulation paradigm can dial in whatever “strength” they want, but in my case it felt so powerful and dysphoric i would never do it again. it felt like sticking my finger in a light socket. they were unilaterally magnetically activating the region of my motor cortex that controls lower limb movement. Horrific experience, at last in my case.

I do have anxiety though and treat it through the use if CBT and mindful meditation, both of which have some positive effect.

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