Scientology behind campaign to target veterans?

Scientology Welcomes US Congressman David Jolly

In Xenu We Trust

Scientology Could Get Its Own Senator
Meet Rep. David Jolly, the man who represents Scientology’s ‘Mecca’—and is now running to replace Marco Rubio in the U.S. Senate.

Jolly, the frontrunner for the GOP Senate nomination in Florida, was the “special guest” at a fundraiser for Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi in June 2014, which was organized by Scientologists.

He was also featured as the “guest of honor” at the Church of Scientology’s concert celebrating the centennial of Clearwater, Florida. The latter event was held at the Fort Harrison Hotel, which is owned by the church and used for “religious retreats,” and featured appearances by prominent Scientologists like actress Anne Archer.

Jolly’s wife was scheduled to be a model for a Church of Scientology charity fashion show benefiting chronically hungry children in September, but “sent her regrets and was not able to attend,” Church of Scientology spokesperson Pat Harney told The Daily Beast.

David Jolly and his wife to hang with the Scientologists

Jolly sponsors anti-veteran bill

Benzo and other psych meds - Veteran's Suicide Bill - needs support
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More exciting news… needs support! Please contact your US rep and tell them to cosign and support this! www.contactingthecongress.Org (rep can be found here)

A sample letter:

Dear ____

I am writing to ask you to co-sponsor and vote yes for HR 4640, the Veteran Suicide Prevention Act, which calls for the VA to review data on Veteran suicides over the last five years to determine if prescribed medications may have played a role in their deaths. Did you know:
– 22 veterans commit suicide a day
– In 2010 the VA issued guidelines cautioning providers against the use of benzodiazepines (“benzos”) to manage PTSD due to a lack of efficacy data and growing evidence for the potential risk of harm
– Despite that, PTSD Quarterly reports that 30% of Veterans with PTSD continue to be prescribed benzos at the VA
– Veterans are also frequently prescribed opioids for chronic pain for their injuries in addition to Benzos for anxiety. Last week the CDC cautioned doctors against prescribing opioids for long-term chronic pain, and noted in particular the danger of combining opioids and benzodiazepines together.
– Suicidal and homicidal ideations can be a side effect to people who have been on Benzos for a long time or people trying to taper off of them
Please give your full support to HR 4640. Thank you for your attention.
(sign your name)
(be sure to add full contact info including mailing address as proof of residency)

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