1. Is this person a Lyme warrior? Oh dear God. Is there anyone out there that still thinks chronic Lyme disease is real? The CDC and all legitimate infectious disease experts all agree that this is a fraud perpetrated by a couple of unethical con men that profit off of vulnerable people.

    I do not know what anyone’s problems are, or where they came from, but I can tell you they are not from a tick bite. Lyme diseases bacterial infections are effectively treatment with a short course of common antibiotics. There is absolutely no scientific evidence that chronic Lyme disease is a real condition. Sorry but this is another internet driven fraud.

  2. Interesting article in my states largest newspaper re benzos.
    Overdose deaths involving benzos in 2000 were 12 in my state. Comparable deaths in 2014 were 55, a more than 4 fold increase!
    Also noted was the 67% increase in benzo prescriptions for Americans between 1996 and 2013.
    These facts have been overlooked be many due to the fact that many benzo users were also using alcohol and opioids or other medications.
    With so much attention on opioid abuse, the fact that we have a rapidly growing problem of benzo abuse which contributes to overdose deaths, is often overlooked or misunderstood.
    Tracking deaths caused by benzos is difficult because patients often use them with painkillers and there deaths are listed as opioid related. Because benzos cause drowsiness, they maybe contributing to traffic fatalities that are not tracked as drug related. “Overall, tracking the use and abuse of anxiety drugs is difficult because privacy minded legislators have imposed limits on the amount of data the state can keep” said our director of the state Pharmacy Board.
    Last year my state had 1.6 million prescriptions for benzos filled.

  3. ^^ Interesting. In the UK it’s commonly understood (or believed) that OD’ing from benzos is very difficult if used on their own and the patient has no underlying health issues. In fact, over here, the benzo OD’s are practically always associated with other drugs, such as opioids and/or alcohol / barbituates, and as I understand it a single strip of benzos – a month’s supply (which is prescribed & monitored properly, not hoarded by the patient) simply isn’t enough to kill anyone from adverse OD reaction on their own. If a patient uses benzos for suicide, how does that make the drug responsible? That sounds like the woman who blames her doctor for using too many Ativan for flying anxiety and then thinking she was dependent on them, so naturally blames her doctor rather than her own ignorance of drug-payoffs (and there ALWAYS is one no matter what you take.. period).

    But, I don’t buy it, to me it seems like some folks just need an excuse to blame someone else to justify the SENSORY addictions they have to their own neuro-chemistry. Benzos, pdocs, general doctors.. whatever happened to personal liability, is that concept dead now, too?

    Here, it’s considered a very poor choice of drug to OD on and not really GP’s main concern at all (they’re FAR more concerned about opioid addiction/OD’s – and so they should be as that IS lethal in much lower doses, and available without prescription in said low doses). I’d have to agree with the general opinion above, based on my experiences with them, and looking at those U.S. stats rings true with the mainstream medical opinions and those on various drugs forums who attempted suicide with them. What seems far more common is people quitting them unsupervised and hitting a massive depression / rebound anxiety, or committing suicide after wholly unnecessarily long tapers, ergo dragging out the suffering & mental torture for no apparent reason other than.. yep.. avoiding unnecessary suffering.

    That’s kinda senseless, really, if the aim is to reduce withdrawal symptoms. I mean, seriously, what good can reducing a dose by 0.05mg and ‘holding’ actually do? The body would only notice that tiny amount if the mind BELIEVES it will.. and two weeks on benzobuddies with fifty highly unscientific people telling, no, TEACHING you to fear withdrawals and that a billion WD symptoms exist (most don’t in reality) would likely create the ‘nocebo’ effect in many members and thus justify the continued use and also the continued scapegoat for their real problems.

    If you take any CNS for anxiety and quit.. do you not expect the anxiety to return? Benzos are NOT cures.

    They’re designed to manage symptoms while YOU help yourself!

    Sigh.. it feels better saying that out loud for once! I wonder if I’ll be kicked off this place for saying it? Doubt it.

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