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"Secret" Facebook Group
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Is there a “secret” benzo withdrawl group on Facebook? I see there are “closed” ones, but others can see if I become a member. Only a handful of people know about my addiction and I’d like to keep it that way. 

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  1. ^^ “Only a handful of people know about my addiction and I’d like to keep it that way.”

    Well, it’s a shame you’re a benzobuddy member, then, because it ain’t a closely kept secret any more, and soon it’ll be on Facebook, too, and used against you when you’re no longer in their inner circle.

    Colin may even refuse to do a thing about it, except maybe start putting restrictions on YOUR account to silence YOU as it embarrases them and exposes their worst trolls, then totally ignore UK Data Protection laws to protect your data and fabricate evidence against you to justify it.

    The admin say your privacy is of the utmost priority to them, and USE this site as their patsy for draconian ‘security’, yet when one of their favourites reveals private information about others they do nothing and let it continue over their pm system.

    Certain mods may even try to extract private information from you to use later on or give it to others to hurt you some more away from the forum.

    If you want your secrets kept, don’t ever tell another benzobuddy, and don’t be naive about the admins claims of protecting your privacy.

    They don’t, especially if at any time they decide they don’t like you anymore, hence why they create their own enemies, and cannot be trusted.

    You’ve been fairly warned!

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