Brainwashed kooks claim MTHFR gene mutation interfering with Ashton worship

Re: MTHFR gene mutation making W/D process worse?
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Hey everyone great thread!

I also have a double mutation of the MTHFR gene C677T amongst other things that say I can not rebuild new neurons and regulate synapses properly 

I am 17 months out and have had the worst withdrawal imagineable, I still can’t even watch TV or go for a walk.

Can I just ask when all of you with this genetic mutation say that you […] to supplement is that because you’ve had additional blood/urine tests to show that the gene mutation is actually effecting you? My doctor says it would be crazy just to supplement on the basis of every gene mutation like this, he says if an an additional blood or urine test actually shows you are deficient in B12, B6, Folate etc. Then he would of course recommend supplementation but if you are not actually deficient then don’t?

He also was quick to say that Dr Lynch was not in fact a doctor and has nothing more than a standard college degree as his credentials, basically dismissed him as a quack.

Despite having the double mutation methyl B12 has been my cryptonite throughout my withdrawal, I’ve tried it on several occasions because I am a vegan too so […] to supplement B12, but when I try it revs me up for days like I’m on acid!

Needless to say I feel particularly stuck at the moment

Appreciate your thoughts

2 thoughts on “Brainwashed kooks claim MTHFR gene mutation interfering with Ashton worship

  1. Keep doing “research on genetic mutations” and taking supplements, that’s the ticket??

  2. I have a headache today.

    Must be because I quit benzos 5 months ago. Either that or something in my Chili today is affecting my protracted withdrawals.

    Or, maybe it’s the chemtrails interferring with my lizard dna which affects the benzos that are no longer in my body? No, wait, I know.. it’s the weird disease nobody’s ever heard of causing a contraindication with my NON-existant, long-gone benzo-belly-brain withdrawals?

    We’re all doomed for the next 5 years, I kid you not! There’s NO cure and you’ve all got the same because, well, I said so and not only can I diagnose myself correctly, I know exactly what’s wrong with all of you, too.

    Obey.. sleep.. reproduce propaganda.. microtaper with innacurate, cheap scales and expect no change in symptoms for 3 years at least.

    We know you better than you or your doctors do. ?

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