End Psychiatry leader lashes out at woman who benefited from ECT

Melissa Ortega: “ECT is a last-ditch effort at stabilizing profoundly depressed individuals. These are people who tend to have suicidal ideation and for whom other therapies have failed. Studies–that can be replicated, which means they are SCIENCE and not fear-and-ignorance-based anecdotes–show that ECT is extremely effective for these patients. Stop sensationalizing medicine. Unless you know what you’re talking about, and it’s apparent that you don’t, stfu and stop stigmatizing people who could benefit IMMENSELY from this treatment.”

Susan Wales: “I find it interesting how Daniel claims to be an advocate for misdiagnosed and ill informed people, which is a good and noble stance, yet can so viciously attack another human being in such a hateful and evil way – which completely negates the thoughtful humanitarian he is trying to present himself as being. Sharing one’s own thankfully positive outcome is in no way a statement on or advocacy for any other person’s experience. Attacking a fragile person who struggled mightily for her own survival is vile and frankly, an evil and merciless act.
I truly hope not one more person respond to this vitriolic hateful person.”

Daniel Carter: “I’ve personally watched hundreds destroyed by psychiatry, many of whom are dead.
You’re spitting on their graves and you should be ashamed.
Don’t try to oppress my form of expression and protest against TORTURE. Fuck tradition. Fuck oppressive psychiatry and fuck anyone who thinks only of their own happiness and is incapable of considering what it would be like to be force treated unnecessarily.”

ChaCha Lambert: “Daniel Carter you are a misogynist asshole”

Izzy Swank: “It’s sad, it’s really fucking sad, that you have no empathy for the people struggling with mental health disorders so bad that they need follow through with such extreme treatments.
I, too, wasn’t an advocate for ECT for the longest time. Watching how depressive disorders can destroy people’s ability to function first hand really changed my mind though. And you know what? Despite the lack of research and negative side effects, it appears that it worked for someone closet to me in my life, and for that I am BEYOND thankful.
Quite frankly, I think you should go fuck yourself.

Narcissa N David Dyste: “I think Daniel does have some other issues going on though…he lashes out even when people aren’t arguing with him…”

Daniel Carter:I may be an asshole at times, but I do it for a good reason and at least I can admit it, Aimee. Forced psychiatry is nothing short of criminal and you seem to have a conflict of interest when it comes to your happiness and advocacy, at the expense of VICTIMS of torture. That’s if you even care.”


3 thoughts on “End Psychiatry leader lashes out at woman who benefited from ECT

  1. Wait, is that the same Daniel who wants to go on killing-spree and end a bunch of psychiatrists?

    I haven’t seen the ‘End Psychiatry’ site yet, but I’m about to go have a gander as it looks like a complete hoot and even more crazy than benzobubdies (oh yeah, there’s a comment on there today about the reason it’s so special.. wanna know why? Because “it contains the best of the best”). Course it does, if you classify scientifically-wrong control-freaks as ‘the best of the best’.. in which case it certainly ranks pretty high, but I’m not sure it’s the best if I compare it to that little spat on E.P. as they seem to be cool with adult language there:

    “OMG (blasphemy & anti-theist hate-speech is perfectly ok though) – I’m coming off benzos so I can’t possibly see swear words among all the real-life pain & suffering & misery & hurt life contains on here. Seeing people breaking down.. seeing them berated and ganged-up on.. seeing them attempt and indeed complete suicide attempts.. no probs.. seeing the word ‘fuck’ at 45+yrs old and I could go into a complete wave and start uncontrollably crying”. Heh.

    And finally, I know I probably won’t be able to stop saying it now but.. get your hair cut Dannyboy, or shave it off, it’s doing my head in every time I see it and I just.. well.. I just can’t take your death threats seriously. 😀

  2. Lol.. Facebook front page of E.P.. “…rotten to the core pharmaceutical giants.”

    Heh, I bet you won’t say that when you get hypertension and need their meds to keep you from dropping dead from a burst blood vessel, get cancer and need chemo, or when you need an operation to survive or repair a damaged organ.

    Who is it now who makes those anaesthetics / pre-op meds.. chemo & hypertension meds? Is it Mom & Pop’s local organic store or.. is it.. BIG Pharma? Good luck when you need their help later on in life since they’re all just out to get you hooked on their crap and wotnot. Bet your tune changes pretty sharply when the surgeon says it’ll kill you if you don’t have a General Anaesthetic for that heart operation you might just beg for to stay alive another few years. 😀

  3. JB
    You have some good comments on here. This Daniel Carter s a total hoot! Crazy as a loon and suffering severe delusions of grandeur. I am afraid he is no savior of “the victims of psychiatry” or anyone else, for that matter. Just an angry and confused person with a silly hair cut?

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