Benzo Buddies a target of anti-Scientology hackers?

Another Top Psychiatric Medication Info Site Went Down
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I won’t give the name of the site because it is pretty much pro-psychiatric medications (that should give you enough of a hint as to what it was) but their forum went down with over 200,000 posts and 11,000 members being lost. They are not able to recover the forum to it’s original status. This reminds me of what happened to PP except they wanted to shut their doors forever. Now with only BB and SA left as the top psychiatric medication withdrawal sites, I’m worried about what would happen to BB if faced with a similar situation where the forum database became corrupted. I hope you guys are keeping a ton of verified backups!

One thought on “Benzo Buddies a target of anti-Scientology hackers?

  1. ^^ Funny you should post that today, I was reading an online article this week (I won’t say who by in case benzobuddies start targeting the doctors) and they were discussing the serious risks associated with “online support groups” for medications / mental health and they were beginning to consider.. yep you guessed it.. the merits of class-action lawsuits against these support groups because they basically attack the medical professional and name doctors of good-standing, and also harming their patients with seriious health issues that the fora do not know about, and it’s costing them & insurance companies millions (in other words raising prices for us) in aggressive lawsuits that the INSURANCE COMPANY ALONE DECIDE TO SETTLE (because it’s cheaper than defending, NOT because the claimant was right).

    I hadn’t really thought much of this until I saw bb’s latest campaign to file a lawsuit at “big pharma” (yeah good luck.. try taking on the military industrial complex after that) but it now occurs to me that, if pushed far enough, “big pharma” could quite easily close places such as benzobuddies citing them as being a hate-group (the evidence wouldn’t be hard to point to as there’s a TON of it there) tat harms their business and employees.

    That makes me wonder if there’s a benefit to gathering some evidence and sending it to the legal teams of each “big pharma” legal department pointing out (with a well-presented argument) how these fora attack doctors, them and their patients.. and see if they start sending out writs

    I do wonder that right now.. might get my own little campaign going (and, yeah, it IS because I don’t like them for attacking me, either!).

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