“Stay away from the hair dyes!”

hair dyed
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I haven’t dyed my roots since my setback..im scared of a reaction. Bt my grey roots are not looking brilliant.

Does anyone react to hair dye-does it reve you or send you in a wave?


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I was a hair stylist for 10 years before this withdrawl…
Stay away from the hair dyes! My biggest mistake in this whole process and biggest set backs were from hair chemicals. Honestly, if you wouldn’t eat it don’t put it on your skin or smell it.
I also painted my bedroom. We bought a new house through out this withdrawl and I was so excited to paint it, redo some of the rooms ect…. Huge mistake! Biggest wave I have had…..
And believe me seeing friends and family now expecially after being a stylist I was always so put together, ughhhh…..

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I’ve had my highlights done during my taper at least twice and it hasn’t seemed to affect me. I go to an Aveda salon and they use more natural products (although I’m sure nothing is perfect). They are pricey but it’s worth it to me to be using more natural products and whatever they use seems less harsh on my hair and the smell is definitely not as overwhelming as what they use in other salons.

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Yes if you need to color highlights or lowlights wrapped in foil and not a tube of color sitting on your scalp for an hour or half hour is definitely better…
I have always been sensitive to chemical though… Way back a dozen yrs ago cleaners like pine sol ect… If I cleaned with them I would get headaches ect…

2 thoughts on ““Stay away from the hair dyes!”

  1. Um, really? Dyes causing benzodiazepine waves?

    From the skin application?

    Well, um, just.. um.. really?

    I’ve never yet seen anyone complain about breathing air causiing a wave, but it stands to reason that if hairdye affects benzwithdrawal (snickers ? ps I don’t know what that emoticon is but since that bb post is talking crazy unfathomable shit..) then the petroleum chemicals in the air would be faaaaar more antagonistic to withdrawls and cause worse waves.

    The obvious (or is it oblivious) solution during withdrawal is to stop breathing unfiltered air for 2.5yrs!

    Bwahaha.. hairdye causing waves what the.. ?

  2. Haha fuck me, I just pop over there and see this asking if organic food causes waves..


    Haha, organic food causing waves? Bwaahah, someone is bound to say yes it does, I’m sure hahaha.

    What a piss funny start to my Monday off ?

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