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  1. Colin is a damned fool! He was just as much a drug addict as any heroin addict or crack addict. Same shit, different dealer. Is he really so far removed from reality that he thinks he can make up the definitions of words to suit his fragile ego based sensibilities!?!? Google the definition of addiction, it has a picture of Colin there? And the definition fits every single last benzo buddie absolutely perfectly. I am sorry but there is no legitimate way to euphemistically refer to a prescription drug addict vs a street drug addict. In many ways the prescription drug addict is worse off, and have no real way to escape their culpability in becoming an addict. Blaming their doctors is a fools game that will keep the addict sick and unlikely to fully recover. That is a behavior that Gianna and Colin are both guilty of.

  2. As i said to you previously, my doctor prescribed me benzo for a back pain wich i took as prescribed 2 times a day for 3 month then stop CT as adviced by my doctor.

    Ended in emergency vomitting 10 times a day, hallucinating, couldnt stand on my legs with crazy vertigo, suicidal ideation, crazy concentration problem , couldnt drive my car anymore. Didnt know what was happening until a neurologist told me i wzs going through benzo withdrawal.

    2 years later i still sufer from cognitiv damage and hypersensitivity to light and sound that i never had in my life.

    Does this make me an addict to have follow my doctor prescribtion as prescribed, to quit as advived cold turkey ( and ended in emergency for 2 weeks ), and still suffering from cognitiv damage 2 years later ?

    Does this make me an addict ? I never wanted to take those damn pill again in my life after my withdrawal, so how can i be addict like a street heroin junki who crave drug ? I dont crave anything those fuxking pill damage my cognitiv abilities

    It seem you dont realy know the difference between street junkies that crave their drug to be high and the victims of benzo like me and other who simply still suffer damage from this damn drug years later after following as prescribed their treatment.

  3. I am afraid so. The degree an addict craves their drugs has no bearing on if the are an addict. Sorry, but look up addict in the dictionary. Sorry you are still suffering, but have you taken other drugs or alcohol previously? Any drugs after the benzos? Did you read the warnings that came with your script? If this is your only drug or alcohol use(benzos) then you may have other health problems a doctor could help diagnose.
    Don’t be hard on yourself and for god sake do not blame doctors or anyone else for your problems.
    Good luck.

  4. I didnt read the warning on the script because i trusted my doctor like 99% of people so i took what he told me to took for my back pain and i stopped cold turkey like he sayed to me. 3 days later was in emergency vomitting 10 times a day, halucinating, couldnt stand on my legs etc didnt know what was going on. They did all the test and i was fine on paper but still sick, so i then saw a neurologist at the hospital because of my halucination and crazy motor problems, eeg and mri was fine he told me it was because of withdrawal 300% . Didnt took any other meds or drug after benzos, neurologist told me to dont take any other psych drugs if i wanted to recover. I still see him every 6 month and he keep telling me that its nerv damage from benzo and that i can take between 2-4 years to recover.
    Im not blaming any doctor because thats this neurologist that find why i was so sick, not blaming my doctor neither because i wish i didnt trusted him and read the script before taking it so i blame myself for having trusted him to gave me those pills.
    Just telling you that im still suffering from benzo damage years later, that i never crave to take it like heroin junkies you are comparing with benzo sick people and that its validate by a neurologist.
    Did you study the brain like my neurologist did to tell that im an addict and not suffering damage from a pill ?
    I can give you his name and you can contact him if you want to know more about it

  5. Akan, I am just saying very few people who are prescribed Benzos have any issues after stopping them. Is it possible you had used drugs or alcohol prior to using benzos and that contributed to your severe and unusual discontinuation syndrome? Even so, you will tend to improve over time, so take it easy and be patient.
    I hope you do not have any other issues going on that might be making you feel poorly. Regular periodic doctor visit would be wise at this juncture.

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